Werner Winsemann

Jan 15, 1933
Bremen, GER
Where they grew up
Bremen, GER


Werner Winsemann

Werner J.H. Winsemann... he was 21 years old when he moved to Canada in 1954... he married his wife (they had four children)... became a Canadian citizen in 1960... in 2000, was one of two former Canadian referees included in the inaugural class honoured by The Soccer Hall of Fame in Canada (Horace Lyons and Werner Winsemann)... worked in the auto repair business...

the BC Soccer Werner Winsemann was named in his honour (the high performance referee of the year)...

wrote Emmerson Mathurin in 1980, “most of Winsemann’s colleagues in Concacaf regard him grudgingly as Numero Uno, while others in North American simply refer to him as The Best”...

For Sport

served on the FIFA List of Referees and Assistant Referees for 10 years (1971 to 1980), including two FIFA World Cups (1974 and 1978) and two Olympic Games (1972 and 1976)... he served as a Referee or Assistant Referee in 29 international “A” matches from 1972 to 1980 (16 as a Referee and 13 as an Assistant Referee) across nine countries... was appointed as a Referee to Canada Soccer’s Championship matches as well as exhibition matches featuring touring European and South American clubs to Canada...

was appointed a Referee at the München 1972 Olympic Games... was appointed as a Referee at the 1974 FIFA World Cup Germany, making him the second Canadian to officiate (and the first to referee) at a FIFA World Cup... at Germany 1974, served as Referee for one match (19 June Netherlands v Sweden) and linesman for three matches (14 June, 23 June, 30 June)... was appointed as a Referee at the Montréal 1976 Olympic Games... at Montréal 1976, served as Referee for one match (22 July Spain v German DR) and a linseman for the Final (31 July Poland v German DR)... was appointed as a Referee at the 1978 FIFA World Cup Argentina... at Argentina 1978, served as a linseman at three matches (6 June, 11 June, 14 June)...

was a founding member of British Columbia Soccer Referees’ Association in 1969... served as a director of the BC Soccer Commission...

served as assistant manager of Vancouver Danubia FC...

Individual Honours