Sue Simon

Jul 05, 1961
Edmonton, CAN
170 cm
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
Where they grew up
Edmonton, CAN
International "A" Level - CAN WNT
4 Appearances
4 Starts
2 cleansheets


Sue Simon

Sue Simon... speaks English... her mother Irene was born in Debrecen, HUN while her father Istvan (d.1993) was born in Budapest, HUN (they both moved to Canada in 1956)... grew up participating in soccer and ice hockey... she was 12 years old when she started playing soccer at Beverly Heights in Edmonton... primarily featured in soccer as a goalkeeper, but also played as a striker...

honoured by the Canada Soccer Hall of Fame in 2021... celebrated as part of Alberta Soccer’s Centennial Recognition of Top Female Players in 2010...

was an original member of Canada Soccer’s Women’s National Team in 1986... career four international “A” appearances from 1986 to 1987 with Canada Soccer's Women's National Team, in fact Canada’s first four “A” matches including an MVP performance in Canada’s first-ever win against USA on 9 July 1986...

a six-time Canada Soccer National Championships winner (Jubilee Trophy in 1982 to 1986 and 1995)... she was just the third six-time national winner after Tracy David and Anika Saiko... once held Canada Soccer’s all-time record for clean sheets at the National Championships... an eight-time Alberta Cup provincial championship winner (1982 to 1987, 1990 and 1995)...

said Stuart Brown in 1984, “Sue Simon is one of the best, if not the best, in Canada”...

said Simon in 2021, “early on before I played with the Angels, I was sort of on the fence whether I would play out or in. I did enjoy playing goal and I never had the speed to play out, so I guess that’s when I focused on playing goal. Just having those teammates in front of me, we were a very solid backline and very rarely did anything ever get through”... said Simon of her footwork as a goalkeeper, “as far as the footwork went, I always prided myself on working as hard as my teammates did out on the field. I just took that as, you always have to do that better than and not just work on your goalkeeping skills”...

said Janet Lemieux in 2021, “it was really easy when Sue Simon was behind me as a goalkeeper, I always knew she would stop the ball, she was a phenomenal goalkeeper, probably the best I have ever seen”...


I am deeply honoured with my induction into the Canada Soccer Hall of Fame in 2021 alongside my teammates. This honour is an acknowledgement of my achievements and you can only imagine how significant it is to me.

There are certain principles and values which I followed in my soccer career: the principles of fair play, honest competition and teamwork which are all equally important to me not just on the pitch but also in life.

To me, soccer is about the hours and hours of practice, kick-offs, goals, assists, penalty shots, the smell of wet grass and the sound the net makes when the ball hits the back (hopefully not behind me).

I want to express my gratitude to Bill Exley for the support during my very early years of soccer, Wayne Gordey for helping and encouraging me to be at my best and especially Stuart Brown, all the managers and teammates over the years that have supported and inspired me along the way. This is a team sport and without the 10 players in front of me I would never have achieved this wonderful tribute.

There are a lot of people that you meet and connect with as we go through life, but the things that means the most are the friendships that you gain along the way, so many thanks again to my family and friends who have assisted me through my many soccer years and thanks to Canada Soccer for this amazing honour and making my dream come true.

For Country

she was one of 23 footballers that participated in the first-ever Canadian women’s national camp in July 1986 in Winnipeg... she was 25 years old when she made her debut for Canada (7 July 1986)...

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