Lou Moro

Apr 26, 1918
Savona, ITA
Where they grew up
Trail, CAN


Lou Moro

Luigi Paolo Moro... soccer family (son Greg)... with wife Virginia, raised children Joanne, Marilyn, Greg, and Larry... he was 91 years old when he passed away on 30 September 2009... enrolled in the Canadian Navy... attended Canada Soccer’s 1978 FIFA/Coca-Cola World Football Development Seminar in Victoria, BC (medical committee)... in 2000, was part of the inaugural class honoured by The Soccer Hall of Fame in Canada (one of 11 builders)...

said Moro in 1995, “if athletes have confidence in you, they will come around a lot faster. They will come and talk to you if they are hurt and that is important. You have to be a father-confessor to the players. You should never refuse any player anything if they are asking for your help, but a good trainer should never try to take the place of a coach or a doctor”... as noted in his obituary, Moro “was a man who volunteered his time unselfishly for over 50 years”...

said former player Robin Davies in 2018, “I went to see Lou Moro when I had a knee injury and he had me back playing by the weekend game. He was very helpful that way and well respected”...

For Sport

served as an athletic trainer in several sports including soccer, lacrosse and hockey... first served as a trainer on Canada’s national soccer team in a 1960 tour of the Soviet Union and United Kingdom... served on Canada’s staff during FIFA World Cup Qualifiers in 1977... served on Canada’s staff during FIFA World Cup Qualifiers in 1992...

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