Luce Mongrain

Jan 11, 1971
Trois-Rivières, CAN
173 cm
North Carolina State University McGill University
Where they grew up
Trois-Rivières, CAN
International "A" Level - CAN WNT
30 Appearances
30 Starts
0 Goals
0 Assists


Luce Mongrain

Luce Mongrain... speaks French and English... soccer family (daughter Anne Perreault)... both her mother Liliane Brousseau and father Théophile Mongrain were both born in Trois-Rivières... she grew up participating in soccer, basketball and hockey... studied international business at North Carolina State University... earned Bachelor, Education (Éducation Physique et Conditionnement Physique) from McGill University in 1994...

was part of the first Canadian team to feature at the FIFA Women’s World Cup (Sweden 1995)... won three Concacaf medals with Canada (1991 silver, 1993 bronze, 1994 silver)... career 30 international “A” appearances across nine years from 1987 to 1995 with Canada Soccer's Women's National Team, ranked seventh all time among Canadians when she left international football... held the distinction of being Canada’s youngest player at the national “A” level (16 years in 1987) until Christine Sinclair became the next 16-year old national player in 2000...

a four-time Coupe du Québec provincial championship winner, twice with Dorval United SC (1990 and 1991) and twice with Lakeshore SC (1997 and 1998)... finished as high as third place at Canada Soccer’s National Championships in 1998... a one-time runner up at the CIAU Soccer Championship (1991)... a Canada Games bronze medal winner... a two-time Québec Soccer Senior Player of the Year... a CIAU Second All-Canadian Team (1991)...

said Mongrain in 1989 after her season at Cardinal Gibbons High School as an exchange student, “it was very difficult, harder than I had imagined, but I was too proud to give up and go home. Sports helped me me because they kept me so busy. I never really had a chance to sit around and feel sorry for myself. Plus, they got me involved and helped me make friends”... wrote Sylvie Béliveau in 1995, Mongrain was a “very experienced player, tremendously disciplined... she is a great leader both on and off the field”...

said Mongrain in 2021, “I really liked playing centre back because I liked being aggressive, I liked the physical play and taking on opponents. Canada was well known for working hard and challenging ourselves, but we had no comparisons because we were the first ones. It was a great group, we had a love for the game and we had passion”... said Mongrain in 2021, “it was a real privilege to wear the Canada shirt because Canada is such a great country. With that privilege comes responsibility, a responsibility to be a good ambassador for our country and that’s how we were. I was fortunate to wear the Canada shirt”... also said Mongrain in 2021, “in those years, we rarely had women’s soccer on TV and there were no commercials with women’s athletes, so my inspiration were my teammates and the coaches that helped me out during that journey. They were so generous and I was very fortunate to have exceptional people cross my path, so I am very thankful and grateful to them”...


Je suis profondément honorée et touchée d’avoir été sélectionnée pour faire partie de la famille du Temple de la renommée de l’association canadienne de soccer. Je partage cet honneur avec ma famille et tous les entraîneurs et acteurs qui ont contribué à paver mon chemin. J’ai été choyée d’avoir sur mon parcours plusieurs personnes d’exception qui avaient à cœur ma réussite. Leurs généreux conseils m’ont permis de grandir en tant que personne et je leur en suis grandement reconnaissante. Je n’ose pas nommer de noms par peur d’en oublier. À vous tous, amis, co-équipières, mes parents, mon mari et mes filles, je tiens sincèrement à vous remercier. Je suis également privilégiée d’avoir partagé ce parcours avec des femmes d’exception. Des pionnières, des ambassadrices qui ont su par leurs actions et leurs comportements laisser un lègue pour la génération future de soccer. Je tiens également à féliciter les 7 autres récipiendaires de la cohorte 2021 : Sue Brand, Annie Caron, Carla Chin Baker, Janet Lemieux, Suzanne Muir, Cathy Ross and Sue Simon. Bravo les filles, c’est tellement mérité!

Pour moi, le soccer a été et demeure une école de vie. Merci beaucoup!

I am deeply honoured and touched to have been selected to be part of the Canada Soccer Hall of Fame. I share this honour with my family and all the coaches and players who have helped pave my way. I was fortunate to have several exceptional people cross my path who cared about my success. Their generous guidance has allowed me to grow as a person and I am so grateful to them. I dare not name names for fear of forgetting some people. To all of you, friends, teammates, my parents, my husband and my daughters, I sincerely want to thank you. I am also privileged to have shared this journey with exceptional women. Pioneers, ambassadors who, through their actions and their behavior, have left a legacy for the next soccer generation. I would also like to congratulate the 7 other recipients of the 2021 cohort: Sue Brand, Annie Caron, Carla Chin Baker, Janet Lemieux, Suzanne Muir, Cathy Ross and Sue Simon. Well done girls, it is well deserved!

For me, soccer has been and remains a school of life. Thank you so much!

For Country

she was 16 years old when she made her debut for Canada (11 December 1987)... won a silver medal with Canada at the 1991 CONCACAF Women's Championship / FIFA World Cup Qualifiers for China 1991... finished third with Canada at the 1993 CONCACAF Women’s Invitational Tournament... won a silver medal with Canada at the 1994 CONCACAF Women's Championship / FIFA World Cup Qualifiers for Sweden 1995... represented Canada at the FIFA Women's World Cup Sweden 1995...

For Sport

served as a board member for the Fédération de soccer du Québec...

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