John McMahon

Apr 09, 1922
Glasgow, SCO
168 cm
Where they grew up
Glasgow, SCO & Watrous, CAN


John McMahon

John McMahon... he was one year old when his family moved from Glasgow to Watrous; he was nine years old when his family returned to Glasgow... served with the Royal Air Force in Africa during World War II... he was 29 years old when he returned to Canada in 1951 to settle in Toronto... he and his wife had two children (Marilyn and Bill)... he was 84 years old when he passed away in Markham, ON on 25 August 2006...

wrote historian Colin Jose, “his dedication to making Canada a power internationally won him acclaim not only at home, but also around the world; under McMahon, Canada’s national teams won international respectability for the first time”... wrote Bill Hoyle in 2002, “he used his talents of cheerfulness, thoughtfulness, loyalty, decisiveness, steadfastness and willingness to assist many, both within and also without soccer, but especially for the good of the game in Canada”... wrote Jose in 2006, “McMahon’s knowledge of the game both on and off the field, his business experience, and his leadership put Canada on the international soccer map for the first time. He fought long and hard win the Concacaf meetings for a better deal for Canada in scheduling in particular, so that Canada was not at a disadvantage in international soccer politics”...

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