Sam Lenarduzzi

Dec 19, 1948
Udine, ITA
178 cm
Where they grew up
Vancouver, CAN
International "A" Level - CAN MNT
27 Appearances
27 Starts
0 Goals
0 Assists


Sam Lenarduzzi

Silvano Lenarduzzi... soccer family (brothers Vanni, Bob and Danny)... both his father Giovanni and mother Clelia were born in Italy... he was two years old when his family moved from Italy to Vancouver... favourites have included Franz Beckenbauer, Liverpool... worked for North West Industries in Vancouver before moving to Toronto in 1974 to join Canada Soccer’s national team “in being”... worked for Labatt’s Breweries...

a two-time Canada Soccer Championship winner (1966 and 1969) and three-time Pacific Coast League winner (1968-69, 1969-70, 1970-71)... represented Canada in four cycles of FIFA World Cup Qualifiers from 1968 to 1980... in 2000, was part of the inaugural class honoured by The Soccer Hall of Fame (one of 11 former players)...

wrote Frank Pike in 1971, Lenarduzzi “has developed a fantastic work rate for a fullback and he has been inspiring the younger players with his overlapping runs reminiscent of Cohen of England or Fatchette of Italy”... as noted in a 1976 program, Lenarduzzi was “a natural leader in the backfield”... wrote Sam Lenarduzzi in 1985, “anytime you put on a Canadian shirt you are an Ambassador for Canada. You have to remember that whatever you do and wherever you travel, you are carrying the name of Canada, a name (for which) to be proud”... wrote Jim Fleming in 1985, “Sam was one of the most popular players on the National Team. He played everywhere in the back four and was particularly effective during the 1980 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers”...

said Gary Thompson in 2018, “Sam Lenarduzzi was always difficult (as an opponent). He was the kind of player that wasn’t going to make too many mistakes. He was just a solid player. He was defensive minded, a very skillful player, and very good at his position”... said Glen Johnson in 2018, “Sam Lenarduzzi was a great leader. He had good skill level and really cared”...

said Sam Lenarduzzi in 2018, “at Callister Park for a lot of the immigrant families, just like our family, that was their Sundays, especially the men and they would go in their shirts and ties. It was an interesting mix, the games were very spirited and there was a passionate crowd”... said Sam Lenarduzzi in 2018, “the Pacific Coast League was the epitomy of soccer at that time because it was the highest level to which you could get. It was a fun time. When the league moved to Empire Stadium, it lost a little bit because it was a vast stadium, whereas at Callister Park you could fill it with three or four thousand and the place was rocking and the fans were close”...

said Sam Lenarduzzi in 2018, “everyone knew that Columbus was a good, quality club. The club always prided itself on trying to play, they weren’t a kick and run team. We had some good players that helped that along. I think for me, coming through at that young age, there wasn’t any higher league in which to play. I think it helped me a lot”...

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