David Forsyth

Dec 15, 1852
Pertshire, SCO
University of Toronto
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Lynden, CAN


David Forsyth

David Forsyth... both of his parents Archibald and Ann were born in Scotland... he was a year old when his family moved from Scotland to Canada in 1853; he was 15 years old when his family moved to Galt... he married his wife Augusta on 28 December 1882 (their children were Dora b.1887 and Otto b.1890)... he was 83 years old when he passed away in Beamsville, ON on 14 September 1936... served as Master of Mathematics and Science at Berlin High School... graduated from the University of Toronto in 1875... retired from teaching in June 1921 with the title of Principal Emeritus...

in 2000, was part of the inaugural class honoured by The Soccer Hall of Fame in Canada (one of 11 builders)...

was known as the “Daddy of Canadian Soccer”... wrote the Newark Press in 1885, Forsyth was “the finest dribbler in Canada”... also wrote the Newark Press, “he is a tall, broad shouldered, light complexioned man. His long, drooping moustache has won for him the name of ‘The man with the big moustache’”... as noted in 1949, “as a result of Forsyth’s great interest in soccer, Berlin had become, the 1880s, almost the focal point of that sport for the entire continent; many soccer stars of later years were athletes who were trained by Forsyth”... wrote George Gross in 2007, “he was the sparkplug that helped the formation of the Western Football Association in 1880 with a membership of 19 clubs”...

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