Craig Forrest

Sep 20, 1967
Coquitlam, CAN
196 cm
Where they grew up
Coquitlam, CAN
International "A" Level - CAN MNT
56 Appearances
56 Starts
20 cleansheets


Craig Forrest

Craig Lorne Forrest... grew up playing soccer and lacrosse... he was 12 years old when he started playing soccer... favourites have included Bruce Grobbelaar... underwent surgery for testicular cancer... served as Canada’s FIFA for SOS Children Ambassador... in 2012 as part of the Canadian Soccer Association’s Centennial Celebration, was honoured on the All-Time Canada XI men’s team...

said Forrest in 1988 of missing FIFA World Cup Qualifiers, “I wanted to go, but I wasn’t happy about giving up my newly won place in the Ipswich team. As it turned out, manager John Duncan took the matter into his own hands and said I wouldn’t be released”... said Forrest in 1995, Frank Yallop “was like a big brother, really. He just took me in and looked after me. I’m very lucky to be able to have played as many years as we have at Ipswich together”... said Forrest in 2000 after the Concacaf Gold Cup, “the game against Mexico was the turning point. We defended so well and scored every chance we had. After that, it felt like destiny. In the final against Colombia, we knew we were up against an outstanding team, so our approach was, ‘well, we’ve got nothing to lose’”.... wrote Neil Davidson in 2002, Forrest was “a big man (but) moved with elegance and grace as he patrolled the penalty box”... said Jason deVos in 2007, in Craig Forrest in 2000, ”we had the best goalkeeper in CONCACAF, bar none. He was immense for us, especially in the semi-final. He thoroughly deserved the MVP of the tournament”...

in 2007, he was the second goalkeeper inducted as an athlete honoured member in the British Columbia Sports Hall of Fame (after Ken Pears)... in 2015, he was the first goalkeeper inducted as an athlete honoured member in Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame...

said Craig Forrest of one of his highlights in the Premier League, “walking out with Bruce Grobbelaar next to me was just incredible; to think he was my idol and then (I got) to walk out on Anfield next him”...


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