Canada Soccer announces 17 National List Referees appointed to FIFA List for 2022

Canada Soccer has announced that 17 of its National List of Referees have been named to the FIFA List for 2022 international appointments. In addition, two […]

Canada Soccer has announced that 17 of its National List of Referees have been named to the FIFA List for 2022 international appointments. In addition, two referees – David Gantar and Philippe Brière – have retired from the FIFA List. The referees have been appointed as Referees, Assistant Referees, Video Match Officials, and Futsal Referees.

“We are extremely proud of the commitment and contributions that these 17 referees have made to the game as members of the Canada Soccer National List of Referees and congratulate each of them on their FIFA list achievement,” said Dr. Nick Bontis, Canada Soccer’s President. “While we welcome the newest members of the group, we also welcome back one of our most storied referees, Carol Anne Chenard, who will continue to build on her legacy as a world class referee.”

Referees returning to the FIFA List in 2022 include Drew Fischer, Marie-Soleil Beaudoin, Myriam Marcotte, and Pierre-Luc Lauziere. Carly Shaw-Maclaren joins the group for the first time in 2022.

Assistant Referees returning in 2022 include Micheal Barwegen, Oscar Mitchell-Carvalho, Chris Wattam, Chantal Boudreau, Lyes Arfa, Stephanie Fortin, Melissa Snedden, and Marie Han Gagnon Chretien. Stefan Tanaka-Freundt and Gabrielle Lemieux were named to the FIFA AR List for the first time in 2022.

Chris Grabas returns to the FIFA Futsal Referee List in 2022 while Carol-Anne Chenard joins returning Drew Fisher as appointees to the FIFA Video Match Official List.

Canada Soccer Referees on the FIFA International List of Referees

Name                                                              Province                                       First Year on FIFA List

  • Lyes Arfa                                                  Québec                                            (2021)
  • Micheal Barwegen                                  Alberta                                             (2018)
  • Marie-Soleil Beaudoin                            Nova Scotia                                     (2014)
  • Chantal Boudreau                                   Saskatchewan                                 (2015)
  • Carol-Anne Chenard                               Prince Edward Island                     (2005)
  • Drew Fischer                                            Alberta                                             (2015)
  • Stéphanie Fortin                                      Québec                                            (2019)
  • Marie-Han Gagnon-Chretie                    Québec                                            (2015)
  • Chris Grabas                                             Québec                                            (2018)
  • Pierre-Luc Lauzière                                  Québec                                            (2021)
  • Gabrielle Lemieux                                    Québec                                          (2022)
  • Myriam Marcotte                                      Québec                                            (2019)
  • Oscar Mitchell-Carvalho                          Québec                                            (2017)
  • Carly Shaw-Maclaren                               British Columbia                            (2022)
  • Melissa Snedden                                     Ontario                                             (2018)
  • Stefan Tanaka-Freundt                            British Columbia                            (2022)
  • Chris Wattam                                             British Columbia                             (2018)

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