Horace Lyons

Mar 07, 1882
Reading, ENG
178 cm
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Horace Lyons

Horace Stephen Lyons... moved to Canada in 1912... passed away in Pointe-Claire, QC on 15 August 1972... worked for Southam Printing Co. Ltd... in 2000, was one of two former Canadian referees included in the inaugural class honoured by The Soccer Hall of Fame in Canada (Horace Lyons and Werner Winsemann)...

said Lyons in 1949 upon being honoured with Canada Soccer Life Membership, “if I have done anything in the past in connection with the Dominion of Canada Football Association, gentlemen, I can assure you from the bottom of my heart and with my whole being that I have done it as I saw fit in the best interests of the game. The game demands a lot of us. We sometimes do things that we do not like to do but we do them because we feel that the game demands it”...

wrote Al Parsley in 1961, Lyons said “he was always extremely strict which was so evident very early in the game that he seldom encountered trouble”...

For Sport

was appointed referee for the first Men’s International Friendly match played in Canada (27 June 1925)... served as president of the Fédération de soccer du Québec (1945-47)... served as a vice president of the Canadian Soccer Association (1947-49), then known as the Dominion of Canada Football Association...

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