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Women's U-17 and U-19 Rosters

Posted on 28 April 2000 in ↳ Women's EXCEL U-18 to U-20

Ottawa, Ontario - The Canadian Soccer Association today released the names of the 40 players who have been invited to a week-long training camp in Vancouver, BC for the newly-formed Canadian Women's Under-19 and Under-17 teams.

The rosters were compiled by Under-19 head coach Stuart Neely and Under-17 head coach Len Vickery. Further prospects will be scouted and added based on their performance at the CSA National Girls All-Star Championships to be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba between July 25-30, 2000.

Under-19 Roster
Taryn Swiatek\t\tG
Leisha Alica\t\tG
Claire Pollock\t\tD
Rochelle Willis\t\tD
Heather Forsyth\t\tD
Allison Kelly\t\tD
Katie Hodge\t\tD
Tiffany Booth\t\tD/M
Jacqueline Ferraby\tM
Katherine Warman\tM
Dara Wone\t\tM
Leah Robinson\t\tM
Ashley Lawson\t\tM
Kim Walsh\t\tM
Anne-Marie Lapalme\tM
Marie-Eve Nault\t\tM
Marie-Claude Henry\tM
Rhian Wilkinson\t\tM/F
Melissa Tancredi\tF
Shelly Piccirilo\tF
Kinza Baker\t\tF

Under-17 Roster
Breanne Milne\t\tD
Clare Rustad\t\tM
Gabby Nejedlo\t\tG
Erin McLeod\t\tG
Christina Khalina\tD
Sasha Andrews\t\tD
Niki Wojtowitz\t\tM
Jolene Schweitzer\tF/D
Erin MacCallum\t\tF
Amy Vermeulen\t\tM/F
Holly Lorman\t\tF
Candace Chapman\t M
Janice McGann\t\tD
Jayme-Lee Biamonte\tM
Brenna Dixon\t\tF
Lise Backman\t\tM
Francine Brousseau\tM
Marie-Pier Bilodeau\tG
Audrey-Anne Bilodeau\tD
Sarah Kozey\t\tM/F
Jennifer Parsons\tF

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