Bill Hoyle

Jul 18, 1925
Salford, ENG
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Bill Hoyle

William Hoyle... he lost the sight in his right eye in 1937... served in the Fleet Air Arm during World War II... he married his wife Nancy Patricia Green on 31 August 1946 in Preston, ENG (they had four children: David, Janet, Wendy, and Roger)... he was 28 years old when he moved to Canada on 2 February 1954... he became a referee in April 1957... attended Canada Soccer’s 1978 FIFA/Coca-Cola World Football Development Seminar in Victoria, BC (referees)... in 1999, served on The Soccer Hall of Fame’s first selection committee that voted on 11 players and 11 builders for the inaugural Class of 2000...

said Andy Sharpe in 2005, Hoyle “has given over 50 years of his life to soccer not only in Ontario, but also across Canada: fifty years of hard work, knowledge and integrity”... as noted in 2009, “he wore his heart on his sleeve and was motivated solely by what was in the best interest of the game”... wrote John Knox in 2009, “Hoyle exemplifies the talent, dedication and selfless service of the many volunteers which enable participation in and enjoyment of soccer in Ontario and Canada”... said Hoyle in 2009, the Soccer Hall of Fame “is my baby; we’ve spent a lot of time building up its continuity... no one has any idea all the help we got; more than 20 people had their part to play (and) they’re the ones who should be honoured”... wrote Wolf Ruck in 2009, “Bill leaves behind an impressive array of achievements, amongst which is his leading role in the establishment of The Soccer Hall of Fame & Museum in Vaughan”...

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