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Re-Licensing process at the B Level

As the Canadian Soccer Association moves continues its efforts to upgrade and improve the education and quality of the coaches licensed to work in Canada, we would like to remind coaches that the first stage in the new process for re-licensing coaches at the B License-National level continues through 2015.

Since January 1, 2014, all coaches who were awarded the B License-National designation via:
a) Successful completion of Canada Soccer courses taken prior to January 1, 2006; OR,
b) by being granted Canadian Coaching Equivalency;
and who required their license to be renewed in 2014, or thereafter, must audit a B License-National course in order to qualify for re-licensing.

This process is no longer automatic for the coaches in the categories described above and will provide an opportunity for these coaches to gain insight into the coaching content and methodology which has formed the basis of the program since 2006. This is strongly suggested as preparation for coaches in the categories mentioned above who would consider entering the A License Program at some time in the future.

Coaches auditing the B License-National course would take part alongside B License candidates and participate in all class room and field sessions in the “learning phase” of the course. They will not be required to undergo any practical or theory exams and would therefore be exempted from the Practical Coaching Evaluations on the final two days of the course.

All courses are run on a residential basis. To apply for B level re-licensing fill out this form. Those wishing to audit a course also need to complete this form as well make sure to indicate their desire to do so by checking the appropriate box.

Re-Licensing FAQ's

Why is the CSA introducing this change in the Re-Licensing process of coaches?

The principle of a Re-Licensing process, which is based on proof of ongoing learning (Professional Development) and active coaching is viewed as essential to player performance and the integrity of a truly effective Coach Development Program.  One of the criticisms of the CSA Program in recent years is that a coach could continue to be “Licensed” even if he/she had not coached for several years or did not keep their coaching knowledge up to date. 

The Canadian Soccer Association recognizes the value of having Licensed coaches who are engaged in personal and Professional Development programs which reinforce the values of lifelong learning and sharing throughout the Canadian coaching community.  It is with this in mind that, over the next two years, the CSA will be bringing in a three phase plan to introduce the need to maintain Licensing through ongoing, proof based, Professional Development for all Licensed Soccer Coaches in Canada.  Phase 1 of this plan has been introduced as of January 1, 2014, and targets coaches who passed the B License-National Course prior to 2006, and for coaches who have been awarded Canadian Equivalency, and are due to apply for Re-Licensing in 2014 or beyond. 

Why is the first phase of Re-Licensing only targeting those who passed the B License-National Course prior to January 1, 2006, and those coaches who have received Canadian Equivalency?

In 2006, the B License Program was completely revamped and restructured to bring the content, methodology and teaching principles into line with other Programs being offered by other National Associations around the world.  Coaches who passed the course prior to that went through a curriculum which focused on the use of 4v4 small sided games for teaching players.  Since 2006 the emphasis in the National Course has been on the use of 8v8 games, Functional Practices and Phase of Play practices for teaching tactical development.  There is quite a difference between the two and so in an effort to bring coaches up to the same level of knowledge, the CSA has introduced the requirement that coaches who have not gone through this upgraded program must do so in order to be Re-Licensed as a B License-National Coach. 

In the case of those coaches who have received Canadian Coaching Equivalency and have not gone on to take the A License Course, the aim is to ensure that coaches who have come to Canada with qualifications from all over the world are aware of the content, methodology and teaching principles in place here.  Furthermore, it is an effort to ensure consistency in the expectations of the way coaches work with players in Canada. 

If I have taken the A License Course since passing the B License-National Course do I need to “audit” the B License-National Course?

No.  If a coach has gone on to take the A License Program, he/she has experienced the same coaching methodology and more.  The fact that he/she may not have been successful on the A License does not take away from the fact that they have gained insight into the methodology& teaching principles being used by the CSA since 2006. 

How do I know when I need to apply for Re-Licensing?

Every Coaching License issued has a date of issue and an expiry date on it.  The letter you receive along with that License Certificate would also inform you of the date of expiry.  The date of expiry is always December 31, of the year your License Certificate is due to expire. 

How do I know if I’m required to “audit” the course this year?

As an example, if your License Certificate was issued in 2005 you should have applied for automatic renewal by contacting the CSA Director of Coaching on or before December 31, 2009.  If you didn’t do that then you need to audit the B License-National Course.  If you did take advantage of automatic renewal your License would have been valid until December 31, 2013.  If you did not apply again for automatic renewal by that time then you need to audit the B License-National Course. 

If my License was automatically renewed before this process began and it is still valid beyond this year, will I need to “audit” the course the next time I need to apply for Re-Licensing? 

Yes, you will but not until the year your License is due to expire. 

Do I have to audit the course every time I apply for Re-Licensing in the future?

No.  Once you have audited the B License-National Course as part of the Re-Licensing process you will not have to do so the next time you are due for Re-Licensing.  In two years we will be moving towards a system requiring Ongoing Professional Development for all Licensed Coaches.  This  will require coaches to take part in a selection of approved PD courses, seminars, etc, during the term that their License is valid, following which they will be Re-Licensed for an another five years. 

When I audit a course for Re-Licensing purposes do I have to take any practical or theory exams again? 

No.  You will take part as a member of the course during the “learning phase” but you will not be required to take part in the practical or theory exams. 

What does auditing the course involve? 

You will take part as a member of the course during the “learning phase”, which means you will take part in practical coaching demonstrations, participant practice sessions, classroom session and projects assigned during the week.  You will not, however, be required to take part in the practical or theory exams at the end of the week.  In fact you will only attend the course for the “learning phase” after which you may return home.  Shortly after would you will receive your new License Certificate valid for five years. 

Once I have been Re-Licensed how long will my License be valid?

Your new License Certificate will be valid for five (5) years.  That is until December 31, of the fifth (5th) year.   

Application forms for Licensing Courses are available at this link.  All Courses are run on a residential basis.  If you have any further questions please contact:


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