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Player development in semi-professional soccer

Posted on 21 November 2010 in Canada Soccer Pathway (LTPD)

The Canadian Soccer Association’s Professional Soccer Committee met in Toronto on 21 November 2010. At this meeting, members of the committee clarified the interpretation of rule 2.16 of the semi-professional standards whereby semi-professional teams need to have on development team, or affiliation, by 2013. It was confirmed that in this context, a development team is confined to players who are in the U-23 or U-19 age category.

The development team will be required to operate within the respective provincial association regulations in respect of player registration. The 2013 timeline was given to ensure that the necessary changes to the national regulations and provincial by-laws could be adopted to ensure that the development team was operating within the national/provincial structures. Other youth team development will continue to be dealt directly by the Provincial and Territory Associations in accordance with their particular by-laws.

The Canadian Soccer Association Professional Soccer Committee also confirmed that, with the oversight by the Canadian Soccer Association, the Canadian Soccer League and Ontario Soccer Association would establish a working relationship to ensure that the necessary rule changes are made to ensure that there is a clear development pathway for the player.

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