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Nutrilite Canadian Championship Tie-Breaker scenarios

Posted on 1 June 2009 in Canadian Championship

The 2009 Nutrilite Canadian Championship will be on the line Tuesday night in Vancouver, as Toronto FC need only a win or draw to clinch the Championship and move on to represent Canada in the CONCACAF Champions League. Meanwhile, Vancouver are facing a must-win situation and will then need help from the third team in the competition, Impact de Montréal, when Toronto visits Montréal on 18 June in the final match of the 2009 Championship. A full list of detailed Tie-Breaker Criteria and possible scenarios are below.

With two games left in the competition, only two teams remain eligible to win the Championship and hoist the Voyageurs Cup. Toronto FC is in first place with a perfect six points after two games (2-0-0, +2); Vancouver Whitecaps FC is right on the heels with six points after three games (2-0-1, +2). The Whitecaps host Toronto FC Tuesday at Swangard Stadium in Vancouver.

The Tie-Breaking Criteria are determined in the following order:
1. Most points in all group matches
2. Greater # of points in matches between the teams concerned
3. Greater goal difference in matches between the teams concerned (if more than two teams finish equal on points) **
4. Greater # of goals scored in matches among the teams concerned (if more than two teams finish equal on points) **
5. Results from all group matches
a) greater goal difference in all group matches
b) greater # of goals scored in all group matches
6. Drawing of lots
**Tie-Breaker criteria # 3 & 4 are not applicable as only two teams are mathematically eligible to win the 2009 Nutrilite Canadian Championship.

Based on these criteria the following three scenarios are possible:

#1 – Toronto FC win or draw tonight. Toronto FC win the Nutrilite Canadian Championship.

A win would put Toronto on 9 points, an insurmountable lead as Tuesday is Vancouver's final match in the 2009 tournament. If the match ends in a draw both teams would have 7 points, however Toronto would be the champion based on having a greater number of points in the two matches played between themselves and Vancouver. Toronto (1-1-0 4 points) compared to Vancouver (0-1-1 1 point).

#2 – Vancouver Whitecaps FC win tonight. Vancouver finishes with 9 points.

This scenario would force Toronto to defeat the Impact de Montréal in the final match of the tournament on 18 June in Montréal to draw even with Vancouver on 9 points. A loss or a draw for Toronto in the 18 June match would see Vancouver crowned champions.

#3 - Vancouver Whitecaps FC win tonight. Toronto FC defeats Montréal on 18 June. Both teams finish the Championship even on 9 points.

The first two Tie-Breaker Criteria of total points in group play and total points in matches between teams concerned would not separate the two teams. Tie-Breaker criteria three and four are not applicable as these Tie-Breakers only apply if more than two teams finish equal on points. The next applicable criteria is goal differential from all group matches (both clubs currently have a +2 goal differential). If the final goal differential is equal the next applicable criteria is number of goals scored in all group matches (currently Vancouver leads this category with 3 goals scored compared to Toronto's 2). Finally, if the two clubs are equal in all criteria a drawing of lots would occur to decide the 2009 Nutrilite Champion.

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