August 05, 1973 | Kickoff: 03:00PM ET
Men's National Team

Men's National Team

0 - 2



Windsor, Ontario | Windsor Stadium

Attendance: 5000

Referee: Jerome Smith
  • 67'

    Goal: USA Mark Liveric scores (0-2)

  • 31'

    CAN Glen Johnson hits the post.

  • 15'

    Goal: USA Frank Grgurev scores (0-1)


Men's National Team
  • KO


  • 15 ' |

  • 31 ' | CAN Glen Johnson hits the post.

  • 67 ' |

  • FT



Match Report

In advance of the match, Canadian manager lodged an official protest as the USA lineup featured two non citizens (Paul Child and Mike Hoban). As it turns out, the American lineup in fact featured eight ineligble players (Child, Hoban plus Steve Kovacs, Art Martinech, Bill Deszoft, Steve Schafer, Mendo Chazzar and Kuhl Mehl).

Starting 11

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