March 04, 2020 | Kickoff: 05:00PM ET
Women's National Team

Women's National Team

0 - 1



Calais, | Stade de l'Épopée

  • Diana Matheson
    Janine Beckie

  • Gabrielle Carle
    Jayde Riviere

  • Julia Grosso
    Desiree Scott

  • Nichelle Prince
    Jordyn Huitema

  • 55'

  • Jessie Fleming
    Allysha Chapman

  • Kadeisha Buchanan



Women's National Team
  • KO
  • HT
  • 45' | Kadeisha Buchanan

  • 46' | Jessie Fleming - Allysha Chapman

  • 55' |

  • 70' | Nichelle Prince - Jordyn Huitema

  • 83' | Julia Grosso - Desiree Scott

  • 83' | Gabrielle Carle - Jayde Riviere

  • 83' | Diana Matheson - Janine Beckie

  • FT

Match Report

Canada lost its opening match 0:1 at the Tournoi de France in Calais, France to host nation France on a goal from Vivianne Asseyi (55’). Canada will play three matches in seven days at the international tournament that will act as preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games this summer.
France started pressing early in the match, but Canada’s backline stayed solid defensively. In the 13’, France’s first chance came from a free kick just outside the box, but it was easily headed away by Buchanan.
France had another good opportunity in the 30’ when Amel Majri directed a shot towards net, but Sophie Schmidt mad a great sliding defensive effort to block the shot and sent the ball out for a corner.
Canada’s first real opportunity came three minutes later. Riviere sent a cross from the right side which was headed just over the bar by Captain Christine Sinclair.
Allysha Chapman was fouled by French defender Wendie Renard just outside the box in the 37’. Janine Beckie took the ensuing free kick, but the ball was headed away by France.
After a scoreless first half, France pulled ahead 1:0 on the Vivianne Asseyi goal from a free kick just outside the box which was perfectly placed to get past Canada’s goalkeeper, Kailen Sheridan.
Canada’s best chance after France’s goal saw Jessie Fleming look to find Christine Sinclair with a cross in front of the net in the 64’, but, it was just a step too far for Sinclair and the ball was captured by French goalkeeper Sarah Bouhaddi.
France continued maintaining pressure on Canada through the final minutes of the game but the backline stayed solid and continued denying France goalscoring opportunities.
Canada’s starting XI featured Kailen Sheridan in goal, Jayde Riviere at right back, Sophie Schmidt, Kadeisha Buchanan and Rebecca Quinn at centre back, Allysha Chapman at left back, and Desiree Scott, Ashley Lawrence, Janine Beckie, Jordyn Huitema, and Christine Sinclair from the midfield up through to the attack. In the second half, coach Head Coach Kenneth Heiner-Møller replaced Chapman with Jessie Fleming (46’), Huitema with Nichelle Prince (70’), Rivere with Gabrielle Carle, Scott with Julia Grosso and Beckie with Diana Matheson (83’).

Starting 11