August 05, 2019 | Kickoff: 09:00AM ET
Men's U-15

Men's U-15

0 - 3



Bradenton, Florida | IMG Center

Attendance: 50

  • 70+2'

  • 70+1'

  • Theo Afework
    Hugo Mbongue Mbongue

  • 46'

  • Joshua Gordon
    Renaud Caron

  • Maël Henry
    Malick Daouda

  • 30'

  • 13'


Men's U-15
  • KO
  • 13' |

  • 30' |

  • 36' | Maël Henry - Malick Daouda

  • 36' | Joshua Gordon - Renaud Caron

  • HT
  • 46' |

  • 49' | Theo Afework - Hugo Mbongue Mbongue

  • 70+1' | -

  • 70+2' |

  • FT

Match Report

Canada slipped to second place in Group C after an 0:3 loss to Slovenia on the second day of the Concacaf Boys' Under-15 Championship. Slovenia, one of two invited European nation to the Concacaf youth competition, scored a pair of first-half goals on set plays before they added their third goal in the dying minutes.
In the 13th minute, Matjaz Kamensek scored on a header from a Tom Kljun corner kick. Then in the 31st minute, it was Srdan Kuzmic who capitalised on a Canada mistake shortly after a Kljun free kick. The Kljun free kick was initially cleared, but Enej Marsetic fired it back at goal. The second attempt was initially saved, but the ball came loose and Kuzmic was there to knock it in.
Canada pushed back in the second half, but could not break down the Slovenia defence. the best chance was a Jean-Aniel Assi low shot that drifted just past the far post.
In the dying minutes, Slovenia made it 3-0 with Canada pushing the other way. Kljun was fed through a pass, he beat both the last defender and goalkeeper, then knocked it into the goal in the 72nd minute.
Canada's starting lineup featured Dino Bontis in goal, Marko Stojadinovic at right back, Matteo Campagna and Loïc Cloutier at centre back, Renaud Caron at left back, and Malick Daouda, Nathan-Dylan Saliba, Jordan Alvarez, Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty, Jean-Aniel Assi and Hugo Mbongue Mbongue from the midfield up through to the attack.
In the second half, coach Eric Tenllado replaced Caron with Joshua Gordon (36'), Daouda with Maël Henry (36'), Mbongue Mbongue with Theo Afework (49'), and Saliba with Luca Accettola (70'+1). 
Slovenia's starting lineup featured Nejc Dermastija in goal, Jan Ravsek at right back, Srdan Kuzmic and Nejc Klasnja at centre back, Kristjan Trdiin at left back, Gal Puconja and Matjaz Kamensek at midfield, Tom Kljun at right wing, Denis Leban at left back, Crt Rotar at attacking midfield, and Enej Marsetic up front. 
In the second half, coach Tomaz Petrovic replaced Rotar with Gasper Cerne (49'), Trdiin with Peter Ceferin (57') and Kamensek with Nik Zrnec (70'+1).

Starting 11