August 04, 2019 | Kickoff: 09:00AM ET
Men's U-15

Men's U-15

7 - 0

El Salvador

El Salvador

Bradenton, Florida | IMG Center

Attendance: 50

  • 70+1'

  • Malick Daouda
    Loïc Cloutier

  • Hugo Mbongue Mbongue

  • Renaud Caron
    Joshua Gordon

  • Charles-Étienne Volcy
    Jean-Aniel Assi

  • Jean-Aniel Assi

  • Luca Accettola
    Nathan-Dylan Saliba

  • Theo Afework
    Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty

  • Jean-Aniel Assi

  • 33'

  • Hugo Mbongue Mbongue

  • Hugo Mbongue Mbongue



Men's U-15
  • KO
  • 22' | Hugo Mbongue Mbongue

  • 24' | Hugo Mbongue Mbongue

  • 33' |

  • 43' | Jean-Aniel Assi

  • HT
  • 47' | Theo Afework - Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty

  • 48' | Luca Accettola - Nathan-Dylan Saliba

  • 49' | Jean-Aniel Assi

  • 51' | Charles-Étienne Volcy - Jean-Aniel Assi

  • 51' | Renaud Caron - Joshua Gordon

  • 65' | Hugo Mbongue Mbongue

  • 65' | Malick Daouda - Loïc Cloutier

  • 70+1' |

  • FT
El Salvador

Match Report

Canada opened with a big 7:0 win over El Salvador at the 2019 Concacaf Boys' Under-15 Championship. Hugo Mbongue Mbongue (three), Jean-Aniel Assi (two), Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty and Theo Afework were the goalscorers.
It was the first of three group matches in four days for Canada, with all three 70-minute matches played at IMG Center in Bradenton, FL, USA. The 4 August win over El Salvador will be followed by matches against Slovenia on 5 August and Guadeloupe on 7 August. 
It took just over 20 minutes, but Canada were then quickly up 2-0 on a pair of goals by Mbongue Mbongue in the 22nd and 24th minutes.  He scored the first goal on a pass from right winger Marshall-Rutty and his second goal on a pass from leftback Marko Stojadinovic. He nearly made it 3-0 on a cross from Maël Henry on the right, but Mbongue Mbongue put it just over the bar.
In the 32nd minute, Henry assisted on the Marshall-Rutty 3-0 goal with a cross from the left side. Marshall-Rutty headed the ball into the back of the net. Early in the second half, Henry nearly scored on a pass from Mbongue Mbongue, but he hit it just wide.
In the 43rd minute, Assi scored his first goal on a pass from Nathan-Dylan Saliba. Six minutes later after El Salvador goalkeeper Sergio Sibrian made an initial save on a Marshall-Rutty attempt, Assi knocked in the rebound for his second goal and a 5-0 lead.
In the 51st minute, El Salvador had their best chance, but goalkeeper Dino Bontis tipped the shot over the bar.
Sibrian then took his turn with a series of saves, once on a chip by Henry, moments later on a chance from Charles-Étienne Volcy, and then again on a shot from Theo Afework. 
In the 65th minute, Mbongue Mbongue completed his hat trick on a pass from Afework. Finally in the 71st minute, Afework made it 7-0 on a pass from Luca Accettola.
Canada's starting XI featured Dino Bontis in goal, Joshua Gordon at right back, Matteo Campagna and Loïc Cloutier at centre back, Marko Stojadinovic at left back, and Jordan Alvarez, Maël Henry, Nathan-Dylan Saliba, Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty, Jean-Aniel Assi, and Hugo Mbongue Mbongue from the midfield up through to the attack.
In the second half, coach Eric Tenllado replaced Marshall-Rutty with Theo Afework (47'), Saliba with Luca Accettola (48'), Assi with Charles-Étienne Volcy (51'), Gordon with Renaud Caron (51'), and Cloutier with Malick Daouda (65').
El Salvador's starting XI featured Sergio Sibrian in goal, Rene Dueñas at right back, Carlos Peña and Francisco Peraza at centre back, Robin Méndez at left back, Elias Gámez, Anderson Galdámez, Wilber Andrade, and Julio Paulino in the midfield, and Steven Guerra and Bryan Peraza up front.
In the first half, coach Adolfo Morataya replaced Andrade with Mario Ortiz (32'); in the second half, Morataya replaced Galdámez with Alejandro Cruz (36'), Francisco Peraza with Christopher Molina (51'), Dueñas with Kennet Rodríguez (60'), and Peña with Salvador Portillo (61').

Starting 11