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As an athlete you want to improve by developing your sport-related fitness, and by developing movement skills
that help on the field of play. Movement preparation was designed to accomplish these goals. In addition,
movement preparation was designed to help you stay active on the field of play by being durable by design.

Movement preparation helps to make your movements symmetrical on both sides of your body. For example, your
ability to “cut” right or “cut” left. For performance on field you want your cutting ability to be the same for both
sides, and proficient as possible. Being symmetrical and competent in cutting will limit the likelihood of injury.
Some of the goals of movement preparation are to increase:

  • sprint speed and acceleration
  • aerobic fitness and endurance
  • lower body strength and power
  • core performance/strength
  • proficiency of “on field” movement skills (better cutting, etc)


Two keys to success: consistency and progression.

Consistency is key to success! So performing the movement preparation activities a few times a week is critical to
achieving your goals, whether this is in a training session or on your own.

Progression is vitally important! Each activity of movement preparation can be progressed session to session.
Over time, you improve by increasing a movement preparation. Start all activities at a slower controlled pace, and
progress the speed of movement as you feel more competent. Don’t just “go through” the movements; your
movements should be purposeful and with effort.

Don’t avoid your weaknesses. Becoming stronger and more capable means developing your strengths AND
removing your weaknesses. Movement preparation helps you to identify what your strengths and weaknesses are
so that you can help yourself become a better player.

Levels 1 to 3 have been provided as a standard progression. Once you have achieved level 3 there are advanced
progressions for each of the five components of movement preparation. For example, we have provided advanced
core progressions



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