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Mexico Overpowers Canada

Posted on 17 June 2001 in ↳ Women's EXCEL U-18 to U-20

Ottawa, Ontario – Canada's Women's Under-20 Team today lost 7-0 to the Mexican national team in Xalapa, Vera Cruz, Mexico during an international friendly. Mexico also defeated Canada on Friday.

“The main focus of these games was to gain experience,” said head coach Stuart Neely. “Unfortunately, the Mexican attacks were quick and far more effective. We certainly created chances to score but failed to capitalize on them.” Neely continued, “Erin McLeod was brilliant in goal for Canada.”

Several players who are eligible to play with the Under-20 team are currently competing with the Women's World Cup Team in Europe. Such players will join the team for the Nordic Tournament in July.

June 17, 2001 – International Friendly
Xalapa, Vera Cruz, Mexico
Canada \t0 (0)
Mexico \t7 (3)
Goals: Mexico – Maribel Dominguez (14, 20, 35), Barbara Almaraz (49), Fatima Layva (53), Iris Mora (59) Dioselina Valderarrama (60)
Cautions: Canada – Clare Rustad (4)
Canada: 1. Erin McLeod, 4. Gillian Samuel, 5. Rochelle Willis (2. Carey Gustafson, 37), 9. Clare Rustad, 16. Melanie Booth (Alison Kelly, 64), 8. Sara Maglio, 6. Amy Vermeulen, 10. Leah Robinson (14. Shannon Tanaka, 54), 12. Kim Warner, 11. Kelly Parker, 15. Carmelina Moscato. Head coach: Stuart Neely
Mexico: 12. Jennifer Ozantes, 5. Monica Gonzalez, 3. Regina Oleguera 15. Martha Moor, 11. Monica Vergara (18. Dioselan Valderrama, 60), 8. Fatima Leyva (14. M. Creixell, 69), 16. Barbara Almarez (17. Maria Castilla, 72), 7. Janet Palmira (16. Barbara A. Maran), 9. Maribel Dominguez.

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