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National Team and Professional Players

What is the aim?

Current and former National Team and professional players possess a unique understanding of the game that is gained through years of experience. While playing experience and knowledge of the game are significant assets for aspiring coaches, they do not directly equate to coaching proficiency. In order to adequately assess each former National Team or professional player that wishes to enter the Canada Soccer Coaching Pathway, Canada Soccer will take an individualized approach. Each applicant will be assigned a Canada Soccer coach educator who will work directly with the former player to assess their level of coaching proficiency, so that they can then be placed at the appropriate level of the Pathway.

Who is it for?

The Canada Soccer Professional Player Assessment is for any player who has played professional soccer in Canada or abroad or who has represented Canada at the Senior Men’s or Women’s level. The player must be able to provide proof of their playing status as a professional soccer player in a FIFA sanctioned professional soccer league.

What is a Coaching License?

A Coaching License is an award given to a coach who has taken part in a course deemed to be a program of practical and theoretical study involving one or more successful evaluations/assessments of a participant’s on-field, practical coaching methodology and ability. This effectively is proof that a coach can satisfy the standards required of a National Association to meet a minimum standard of performance at that particular licensing level.

Why should I enter the Canada Soccer Coaching Pathway? What are the benefits?

There are a number of reasons why a coach should consider entering the Canada Soccer Coaching Pathway:

  • It will allow you to be integrated into the Canadian Coaching System and enable you to be part of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).
  • Our Provincial Soccer Associations require coaches of competitive teams (travel, all-star, high performance, etc.) be certified/trained through the NCCP in order to coach in their respective leagues and compete in Provincial Championships.
  • For involvement in Canadian National Programs (National Teams, EXCEL Centres, Coaching Development, etc.) an ‘A’ License has been a requirement since 2009. An Assessment will allow coaches with professional playing experience to be properly integrated into the Canada Soccer Coaching Pathway.

Do I have to be an official resident of Canada?

Yes. The Canadian Soccer Association will only provide a Professional Player Assessment to coaches who are Canadian Citizens, Landed Immigrants, or Official Residents of Canada. The assessment is designed to recognize those who are making a long term commitment to helping raise the standard of soccer in Canada. Those visiting on short term visas do not qualify for this process.

Is there a cost involved in applying for the Professional Player Evaluation?

Yes, there is a $250.00 administrative fee, which must accompany your application for the Canada Soccer Professional Player Assessment. The fee of $250.00 is non-refundable and covers all costs associated with the assessment.

What does the assessment involve?

A current or former National Team or professional player wishing to be assessed as a coach must complete the following:

1.     Submit a brief resumé outlining their playing and coaching careers to date, including personal contact details (address, telephone, e-mail, etc) and a certified cheque or money order for $250.00 made out to the Canadian Soccer Association, to the following address:

Canada Soccer
Attn: Coach Education Department
237 Metcalfe Street
Ottawa, ON
K2P 1R2

2.     Successfully pass a FIFA Laws of the Game test.

3.     Deliver a practical coaching session, the topic of which will be selected by the Canada Soccer coach educator and delivered to the candidate in advance. The candidate will then be assessed in delivering the session on the following criteria:

  • Session plan to meet the objectives of the session
  • Knowledge of the game
  • Ability to identify errors within the session / game
  • Ability to correct and provide solutions within the session / game

Upon completion of the assessment, the candidate will be informed of the level of the Canada Soccer Coaching Pathway that he/she will be permitted to enter. 

For more information on former National Team and professional player license equivalency contact us.

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