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Acadia Athletics Hall of Fame

The Acadia Athletics Hall of Fame. Only select Honoured Members (Athletes, Builders) and Honoured Teams are listed.

Season Prize Winner
2011 Honoured Team (Soccer) 1988-89 Acadia Women Soccer
2011 Honoured Member (Athlete - Soccer) Cindy Tye
2011 Honoured Member (Builder - Basketball & Soccer) Laura Sanders
2005 Honoured Member (Athlete - Soccer) Wendi Wells
2003 Honoured Member (Athlete - Soccer) Janice Cossar
2000 Honoured Team (Soccer) 1991 Acadia Women’s Soccer
2000 Honoured Member (Athlete - Soccer) Gunn Baldursson
1998 Honoured Member (Athlete - Soccer et al.) Frederick Spicer

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