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Bill Findler (CAN)

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Birthplace: Stoke on Trent, Staffords, ENG
Raised: Stoke on Trent, Staffords, ENG
Date of death: 1982-12-30
All Positions: Hall of Fame honoured member
Team Honours: Dominion of Canada Championship winner (1931, 1936)
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William Henry Findler... born 1905 (July, August or September?)... he was 21 years old when he landed in Canada on 25 April 1927...  served as an electrician in the Royal Canadian Air Force... two-time Dominion Cup champion (1931, 1936)... he was 77 years old when he passed away on 30 December 1982 in Burnaby, BC... 

For Sport

served as manager of Vancouver St. Andrews when the team won the 1947 Challenge Trophy... served as secretary of the Pacific Coast League... served as manager of the Westminster Royals... served as president of the Pacific Coast League (1960-67)... helped establish the J.F. Kennedy Cup competition... 

Year Prize Honour
2019 Honoured Player / joueur honoré Soccer Hall of Fame of British Columbia
2012 Top 100 Men's Footballers Canada Soccer Centennial Timeline
2007 Honoured Player / Joueur honoré Canada Soccer Hall of Fame
(pre-1992) Recipient / Récipiendaire BC Soccer Award of Merit


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