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John Richardson

Canada Soccer Hall of Fame

Birthplace: Washington County Durham, ENG
Date of death: 1952-10-05
School(s): University of Edinburgh
All Positions: Hall of Fame honoured member
Profile Text Last Updated 2017-10-21
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John Morley RIchardson... moved to Canada in 1919... he married his wife Winifred Frewin on 25 June 1924 (they had a son Ron)... he passed away in Vancouver, BC on 5 October 1952... worked as a barrister... named in his honour, the John M. Richardson Memorial Cup was presented to Mainland competition winners for three seasons from 1952-53 to 1954-55 (it was first presented on 1 January 1953 to Westminster Royals FC)... 
said Richardson in 1946, “one thing I really like is a dashed good argument, but I want to be able to walk out of it and say to my opponent, let’s go and have a cup of coffee, chum’”... said Jock Hendry in 1952, “we will be lucky if we can replace John Richardson (as) no man devoted more time to the game and I suspect he gave up a lot of business to help us”... 

For Sport

served as secretary of the British Columbia Soccer Commission... 

Year Prize Honour
2019 Honoured Builder / bâtisseur honoré Soccer Hall of Fame of British Columbia
2012 Honoured Builder / Bâtisseur honoré Canada Soccer Hall of Fame
1966 Honoured Builder / Bâtisseur honoré (Soccer) BC Sports Hall of Fame


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