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Percy Hoff (CAN)

Connect: @CoachPercyHoff
Date of birth: 1950-02-01
Age 69
Birthplace: Ubombo, RSA
Raised: Ubombo & Durban, RSA
All Positions: Coach
Coaching A Licence
Profile Text Last Updated 2017-08-26
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he was 12 years old when he moved from Ubombo to Durban for school... he was 32 years old when he moved from Kokstad, RSA to Winnipeg, MB, CAN and then (later than year) Saskatoon, SK, CAN in 1982... he was nine years old when he started playing football; he was 14 years old when he first joined club Aces United (youth) in Durban... growing up, favourites included John Nash, Johnny Bynre, Durban City FC, Avalon Athletic, Arsenal FC... he became a Canadian citizen in 1987... earned his Canada Soccer Coaching B Licence in 1995 and earned his Canada Soccer Coaching A Licence in 2003... in 2011, Warman, SK named one of their soccer fields the Percy Hoff Soccer Field... 

Men's Soccer

End Date Team Coach National Team Project Role
2013-08-12 canm17 Sean Fleming [2013-08] Men’s U-17 camp in USA Coach


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