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Andy Stevens (CAN)

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Birthplace: Brandon, Suffolk, ENG
Raised: Toronto, ON, CAN
Date of death: 1968-07-27
Team Honours: Dominion of Canada Championship winner (1932, 1933), USA Lewis Cup winner (ASL 1926)
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Andrew Stevens... he moved to Canada in 1905... he married his wife Marjorie Aileen Scott on 27 January 1923 (they had one child)... he married his second wife Eva May McGregor (she passed away on 16 March 1957)... he was 67 years old when he passed away in Toronto on 27 July 1968 (he was buried at Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Section 53, Lot 3)... he served in the Queen's Own Rifles during World War II... suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder... co-founder of Rogers Action Lures with Harry Rogers (inventor of Dragy Fly lures)... 
a two-time Dominion of Canada Football Championship winner (1932, 1933)... on 20 June 1958, attended a Toronto Scottish 25th anniversary reunion dinner at the Royal York Hotel (celebrating the team’s 1933 North American championship)... in 2000, one of 17 alternates shortlisted by The Soccer Hall of Fame (he became an honoured member as part of the Class of 2017)... 
wrote historian Colin Jose, “regarded as one of the greatest goal scorers in Canadian soccer history”... as noted in 1924 by The Globe, “in Lavery of Ulster and Andy Stevens of Scottish, Toronto has two of the best centres playing in the Dominion; Lavery is the more polished of the two, but Stevens has a terrific shot”... wrote Peter MacRitchie during the 1932 Connaught Series, his “speed, his deft footwork, and deadly accuracy were ever a source of worry to (North Shore) who could not cope with his rushes”... 
as noted in the 1947 Toronto East End Canadians yearbook, “well known wherever soccer is played throughout Canada... he is best known to Canadian soccer fans through his association with Toronto Scottish... whenever soccer fans of yesterday get together, they always recall the friendly rivalry that used to exist between that other great centre forward of Andy’s time, George Graham of Ulster United”... also noted in the 1947 Toronto East End Canadians yearbook, “extremely enthusiastic, Andy is still serving the game he loves by passing on to our players knowledge gained through years of playing with the best in the game”... wrote Ed Waring in 1951, “a stickler for condition and a fine tutor soccer tactician”... 

For Club

In CANADA • played for Davenport Albion... played for Toronto Willys-Overland... played for Toronto Ulster United FC... 
/ in USA • played for Boston Wonder Workers (1924-25 with 28 matches played and 27 goals scored)... played for New Bedford Whalers (five seasons from 1924-1929 with 140 matches played and 123 goals scored)... he was a two-time American Soccer League leading scorer (1925-26 and 1927-28)... won the 1926 Lewis Cup with New Bedford Whalers after winning 5-4 on aggregate in the two-match final against the New York Giants... played for Bridgeport Hungaria... played for New York Nationals... 
/ in CANADA • played for Toronto Scottish... played in the 1931 Canadian national championship with Toronto Scottish, but lost in the final to Westminster Royals (0:2 and 0:3 losses to Westminster Royals)... won the 1932 Dominion of Canada Championship with Toronto Scottish FC (they won the Connaught Cup Series / Challenge Trophy in Toronto after a two-match final series against Vancouver North Shore United)... won the 1933 Dominion of Canada Championship with Toronto Scottish FC (they won the Connaught Cup Series / Challenge Trophy in Winnipeg after a three-match final series against Prince Albert City Reds)... while he played in the 1933 Connaught Cup Series, he missed the final series after the death of his mother (he stayed in Toronto while the team traveled to Winnipeg)... played for Toronto British Consols... 

For Sport

served as head coach of Toronto East End Canadians... served as head coach of Toronto Oakwoods... served as manager of Toronto Celtic (1949)... served as manager of Toronto Hagibors (1950)... again served as manager of Toronto East End Canadians (1951)... 
served as manager of Oakwood Stadium (starting 1952)... 
Year Prize Honour
2017 Honoured Player / Joueur honoré Canada Soccer Hall of Fame
2012 Top 100 Men's Footballers Canada Soccer Centennial Timeline
1932 Winner / Gagnant Top Scorer of the Connaught Cup Series
1932 MVP Hero of the Connaught Series


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