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Steve Stavro (CAN)

Canada Soccer Hall of Fame

Date of birth: 1927-09-27
Birthplace: Gabresh, MKD
Raised: Toronto, ON, CAN
Date of death: 2006-04-23
All Positions: Canada Soccer Life Member (†)
Hall of Fame honoured member
Profile Text Last Updated 2017-05-12
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he was seven years old when his family moved from Gabresh to Toronto... he was 78 years old when he passed away on 23 April 2006... wrote George Gross in 2000, “the four-team Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League (was formed) thanks to the efforts of Steve Stavro and Peter Bosa”... also wrote Gross in 2000, “Stavro opened his purse strings and the star players were paid more in two months (with 1961 Toronto City SC) than they were making all year in Britain”... 

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founder of the Eastern Canadian Professional League... a co-founder of the Continental Soccer League in Toronto... Toronto City Soccer president (1961-1967)...

Year Prize Honour
2005 Honoured Builder / Bâtisseur honoré Canada Soccer Hall of Fame
2002 Life Member / membre à vie (†) Canada Soccer Life Member


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