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Final of three Canada Soccer FIFA Grassroots Course concludes Saturday in Vancouver

Posted on 8 November 2013 in Active Start Soccer Fests

Canada Soccer has worked with soccer’s international governing body FIFA to bring to Canada its FIFA for the Grassroots program. As a result, three FIFA Grassroots Courses have been organized in 2012-2013, the latest concluding this Saturday in Vancouver, BC.

Each FIFA Grassroots Course engaged 30 technical leaders from clubs and districts across Canada for a four-day course ending in a Festival where hundreds of children aged 9-12 got introduced to age-appropriate activities, small sided games, and individual skill development.

As approximately 60% of Canada’s registered soccer players are under the age of 12, initiatives like the FIFA Grassroots Course will allow Canada Soccer to continue its efforts of energizing its grassroots program offering while leading the implementation of its Long-Term Player Development model across the country through the work of its Provincial/Territorial Member Associations.

FIFA Grassroots Courses have been held in Quebec in September 2012, Ontario in June 2013 and British Columbia this November, positively impacting communities across the country as the technical leaders return to their communities with more tools and experiences to effectively educate youth and adult coaches.

“Canada Soccer is thrilled to have partnered with its Provincial/Territorial Member Associations from Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia to bring FIFA Grassroots Courses to Canada, with great success,” said Victor Montagliani, President of the Canadian Soccer Association. “These partnerships are instrumental in delivering relevant and positive grassroots programming that will help us all grow the beautiful game in our country.”

The course emphasizes more than just soccer development, it helps promote and establish a festival based infrastructure that will allow communities to take an active role in making soccer in Canada an inclusive sport that is both enjoyable and educational.

Canada Soccer's Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) model is designed to optimize Canadian excellence and lifelong wellness through soccer. By ensuring fun playing experiences for children, a suitable player development pathway for youth, and opportunities for lifelong participation for all players regardless of age, gender, ability or disability, LTPD provides a framework for the growth and success of the beautiful game in Canada.

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