Festival Obligations

 A. Name of Festival

  • The primary name of your festival is “Canada Soccer Active Start Soccer Fests”
  • The event must be referred to under this name in all marketing and promotional materials, including your website

B. Sponsorship Exclusivity Terms Banners

  • No sponsor will have more than one sponsor banner and this banner can be no larger than 3’ x 8’
  • All banners are to be prominently displayed in main gathering area (e.g. Soccer Fields or other high traffic areas).

C. Sponsor Approvals

  • All clubs must confirm local sponsors at time of application
  • Club can add additional sponsors up to 2 weeks prior to event as long as there are no conflicts and the sponsor is approved for participation in the event by The Canadian Soccer Association. After this 2 week deadline, no further sponsors can be added to the event

Canada Soccer reserves the right to add additional sponsors to the festival program up to 2 weeks prior to event. In areas of category conflict, the festival sponsor rights supersede the rights of the local club sponsor.

D. Proof of Performance (to receive second installment of grant)

The following photographs are required (at least 10 total):

 All banners on display (including club sponsors)

 Overall event facility

 Sponsor activation activities, for example:

  • Allstate on-site activation (only at applicable festivals)
  • Teck on-site activations (only at applicable festivals)
  • Toyota on-site activations (only at applicable festivals)

 Copy of all marketing and promotional materials (newspaper, website, etc.)
 Completed festival Evaluation

E. Sponsor Giveaways

  • Items to be determined


Our Sponsors

  • Allstate
  • Toyota
  • Teck
  • Canada