Q: Who can apply to host an Active Start Soccer Fest?
A: All soccer clubs that are in good standing with their Provincial Association may apply.

Q: When will I be notified if my application has been approved?
A: You will receive an email notifying you your application has been approved.

Q: How much will my grant be?
A: Grants vary based on factors outlined in your application.

Q: Are there specific requirements on how my grant must be used?
A: No, however we suggest that your grant be put towards items that add value to your festival.

Q: What is included in the festival kit?
A: A complete banner set (which must be returned), participation certificates, as well as other premiums provided by our partners.

Q: How do I receive my full grant?
A: You will receive your grant in two installments. The first will be sent to you prior your festival and the remaining will be issued once the banners have been returned, a festival evaluation has been completed and at least 10 photos are received.

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