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CSA Launches Two New Educational Booklets

Posted on 9 November 2004 in Active Start Soccer Fests

The Canadian Soccer Association is proud to offer to the soccer community two new educational booklets: “Laws of the Game – Made Easy” and “First Steps, First Kicks – Coaching 6-10 year olds”. Both are now available in English and French and are designed for coaches, players, referees and parents who are involved in the development of the game below the age of 12.

“The CSA recognizes the ever increasing need for improved services to the players, coaches, and referees at this level as it makes up close to 64 % of our membership. Assuming success with these booklets, we will need to consider providing similar tools for the older age groups. Parent-coaches need resource materials that are easy to implement, such as a soccer recipe book. So far, most people have expressed the real need for this kind of tool and are pleased to see the product,” said Sylvie Beliveau, National Staff Coach - Community Coaching Development.

The Laws of the Game – Made Easy
The “Laws of the Game – Made Easy” booklet is brief, easy to read and entertaining as well. The booklet, presented in an animated format, will answer all your questions concerning the basic Laws of the Game and is a must for all soccer enthusiasts.

First Steps, First Kicks – Coaching 6-10 year olds
The “First Steps, First Kicks – Coaching 6-10 year olds” booklet, also presented in an animated format, provides fully designed training sessions for individuals coaching primarily at the grass roots level. It is however, a great coaching booklet for everyone! A “must have” as well.

The Canadian Soccer Association is committed to the development of soccer throughout the country at all levels from Grass Roots to Elite. CSA has two staff personnel directly involved in assisting member Associations in the development of coaches who are involved with players from the ages 5-12. These two people travel to different parts of the country to provide a direct service to the grass root coaches.

Both booklets are available through the Canadian Soccer Association. Please contact Marsha Collier at (613) 237-7678 or by email for more information.

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