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CSA Confirms Commitment To Grassroots Soccer

Posted on 29 November 2000 in Active Start Soccer Fests

Ottawa, Ontario - The Canadian Soccer Association today confirmed its commitment to implementing in 2001 some of the grassroots programs which are part of the recently approved Blueprint for Success.

In addition to the significant additions for the overall National Teams program of the Association through the creation of multiple National age/gender development teams, a major thrust forward will also be targeted to community soccer.

Aspects of the overall Coaching, Refereeing and Player Development Programs, focussing on Mini Soccer in particular, will be created and featured on the Association's website, which will be expanded to include coaching tips, drills and other soccer related information. The web site will feature polls, questions and other interactive programs geared towards youth players. It will also address the need to provide technical information such as practice ideas, coaching instruction, FAQs and other general coaching and refereeing needs in order to help those leaders involved in the learning side of the sport make the activity a higher quality experience for the participants.

“Mini Soccer is the introductory level of the sport for almost all our players,” stated Clive Wilkinson, CSA Board of Director, Technical. “It is vital that we give these youngsters a better overall experience at this age so that they develop into better players in the long term while enjoying the sport even more in the short term. Coaching and Refereeing tips and instruction will be developed and promoted on our website next year as we want every technician in the game to better their skills so as to impact our athletes.”

The CSA's popular and successful Mini Soccer Festival Program will continue to be a high priority within the Association and will see an increase in financial support in 2001. It is expected more than 150,000 young boys and girls will have the opportunity to participate in community festivals across Canada next year.

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