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Concacaf Nations League FAQ

Posted on 6 September 2018 in Men's National Team

What is Concacaf Nations League?

  • In 2018, Canada will participate in the new Concacaf Nations League begining with the Preliminary Competition which kicks off in September 2018.
  • Concacaf Nations League has been created to provide an avenue for more meaningful and quality international soccer matches while uniting the Concacaf region through competition.
  • Concacaf Nations League is a continental football competition that splits the confederation’s 40 eligible Member Associations into three Leagues that will crown an inaugural champion in March 2020.
  • League A will feature four groups of three teams, League B will feature four groups of four teams, and League C will feature four groups of three teams.
  • Concacaf Nations League will serve as qualifiers for future editions of the Concacaf Gold Cup as well as the FIFA World Cup™.

How will the League be formed?

  • A preliminary competition consisting of matches in September, October, and November 2018 and March 2019 will determine the seeding for each of the three Leagues.
  • Based on their place in the previous Hexagonal qualifying for the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Russia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, United States, and Trinidad and Tobago will be placed automatically in League A.
  • The top six teams will join Group A after the Concacaf Nations League Preliminary Competition based on a single table format.

How do Nations get promoted or relegated from their initial league placement?

  • Starting in March 2019, League A will be comprised of four groups of three teams.
  • The winners of each group will qualify to the Concacaf Nations League Final Championship consisting of two Semi Final matches and a Final.
  • The four last placed teams of each group in League A will be relegated to League B for the next edition.
  • League B will consist of four groups of four teams.
  • The four group winners from League B will be promoted to League A for the next edition.
  • The last placed team from each group League B will be relegated to Group C for the next edition.
  • League C will consist of four groups of three teams. The top team from each League C group will be promoted to League B.

What is the tiebreaker process to determine qualification, promotion and relegation within the Leagues?

Ranking to determine seeding is as follows:

  1. Points;
  2. Goal difference;
  3. Goals scored;
  4. Away Goals;
  5. Lowest number of yellow/red cards (Y=1, 2YR=3; R=4; Y+R=5);
  6. Drawing of lots.

How can I watch Canada’s matches in the Conacaf Nations League?

  • Canada’s opening match vs U.S. Virgin Islands will be broadcast via
  • It is important to note that fans will require a Concacaf Nations League account via to view the stream.

Who are Canada’s Preliminary Competition opponents?

  • Canada’s Men’s National Team will face U.S. Virgin Islands, Dominica, St. Kitts & Nevis and French Guiana.

How can I attend a Canadian Concacaf Nations League match?

  • Tickets to the Canada v Dominica match on 16 October at BMO Field in Toronto, ON are available at
  • Ticket information for the March 2019 home match will be announced at a later date.

Who is on Canada’s Nations League roster?

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