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Canadian Soccer League granted full membership

Posted on 12 February 2010 in Canadian Soccer Association

The Canadian Soccer Association announced today that the Canadian Soccer League has been granted full membership. Applying the provisos of the Canadian Soccer Association's revised Professional Soccer Standards that were recently ratified by the Association's Executive Committee, the Canadian Soccer League has been provided with the conditions of membership and a set of transitional benchmarks.

“We are pleased to welcome the Canadian Soccer League as a member of the Canadian Soccer Association,” said Canadian Soccer Association President Dr. Dominic Maestracci. “We look forward to a long and rewarding relationship as the professional game develops in Canada.”

At its 2009 Annual General Meeting, the Association granted conditional membership to the Canadian Soccer League on the stipulation that the league met the approval of criteria set by the Association's professional and technical committees. Having been reviewed against the Professional Soccer Standards, the conditional membership awarded has now been activated. The Association's Professional Soccer Committee and Staff will work with the Canadian Soccer League to monitor the transition in 2010 and ensure that compliance of the benchmarks established by the Board are achieved.

“The Canadian Soccer League is proud to play an integral part in the development of soccer and its athletes in Canada,” said Canadian Soccer League President Domenic Di Gironimo. “We will continue our commitment to build relationships and partnerships across the nation; we will continue to be sport leaders in the communities in which our teams play.”

"This is an exciting step for the Canadian Soccer League to be granted full membership in Canada," said Canadian Soccer Association General Secretary Peter Montopoli. "As the Canadian Soccer League continues to grow, it will help expand the popularity and development of our sport in Canada."

Last season, the Canadian Soccer League featured 10 teams in two divisions. The National Division featured Brampton Lions FC, London City, North York Aeros, St. Catharines Roma Wolves, TFC Academy and Attak Trois-Rivières. The International Division featured Toronto Croatia, Italia Shooters, Portugal FC and Serbian White Eagles. The Attak Trois-Rivières won the 2009 Canadian Soccer League championship after winning 3-2 on kicks from the penalty mark following a 0:0 draw with Serbian White Eagles in the final.

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