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Recognition of International Coaching Licence Program

What is the aim and who is it for?

Canada Soccer recognizes coach education licences that are acquired from other FIFA Member Associations. Canada Soccer will permit a Canadian resident or citizen who has acquired an international coaching licence to enter Canada Soccer's Coach Education Program at the appropriate level as determined by Canada Soccer, under the following conditions:

  1. The candidate provides Canada Soccer with a current and valid international coaching licence;
  2. The candidate is a permanent resident or citizen of Canada;
  3. The candidate seeks to make a long-term commitment to help in raising the standard of soccer in Canada. Those visiting on short term visas do not qualify for this process.

What is a Coaching Licence?

A Coaching Licence is an award granted by a FIFA Member Association to a coach who has taken part in a course of practical and theoretical study involving one or more successful evaluations/assessments of on-field, practical coaching methodology and ability. This is proof that a coach satisfies the performance standards required at that licensing level.

Why should I apply for recognition of my international coaching licence? What are the benefits?

There are several reasons why a coach should consider applying for recognition of their international coaching licence:

  • Recognition will allow you to enter the Canada Soccer Coach Education Program, which will enable you to be part of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).
  • With our Provincial and Territorial Member Associations requiring coaches of competitive teams (travel, all-star, etc.) to be certified/trained through the NCCP in order to coach in their respective leagues and compete in Provincial Championships, this will enable you to coach in these competitions.
  • Involvement in Canadian National Programs (National Teams, National EXCEL Centres, Coaching Development, etc.) an ‘A’ Licence has been a requirement since 2009. Recognition and integration into the Canada Soccer Coach Education Program will allow coaches with foreign qualifications to be considered for coaching positions within our National Programs.

What kind of recognition can I expect?

This depends on the level of certification/licensing you are seeking recognition for. Each case is based on the level of the international licence obtained by the applicant.

What if I have some coaching certificates that did not require a practical examination of my coaching ability?

Canada Soccer acknowledges courses you have taken if they compare favourably to the courses offered in the Canada Soccer Community Coach Program. If you wish to make application for credit towards the Community Coach training, please contact your Provincial or Territorial Soccer Association. Contact details are available in our Directory of Contacts.

What does the process involve and is there a cost?

There is no cost for this process. A coach wishing to gain recognition for an international licence must provide proof of that licence by emailing the following information to

  1. Proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status;
  2. A copy of the original licence and/or certificate from the FIFA Member Association;
  3. A translation, in either English or French, of both the licence/certificate and the program transcript/overview;
  4. A brief resume outlining the coach’s career to date, including personal contact details (address, telephone, e-mail, etc.);
  5. A transcript/overview of the licence/program taken showing:
  • the number of hours involved, and the subjects covered
  • the examination process (practical and theory)
  • the date of issue and licence number

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