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Canada Soccer re-iterates grassroots policy on header training

Posted on 27 February 2020 in Canadian Soccer Association

Canada Soccer’s Sport Medicine Committee and Technical Department defined the rules for heading a soccer ball ahead of the 2010 season as part of its work to publish its Wellness to World Cup document that defined the organization’s Long-Term Player Development program.

The policy restricts heading of a soccer ball until 12 years of age. The guidelines call for a beach or soft ball to be used at U-8, for a lightweight ball (foam or otherwise) to be used to practice heading technique at U-10 and for a soft ball to be incorporated into heading in skill games at U-12.

Canada Soccer is a leading National Sporting Federation with regard to concussion prevention and treatment research as members of the Government of Canada’s Concussion in Sport working group. In addition, our Sport Medicine Committee and Technical Development staff review new research when it comes to light, including the most recent Scottish research.


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