Canada Soccer Disciplinary Decision with respect to Canadian Championship hosts AS Blainville

Canada Soccer charged AS Blainville with Improper Conduct of Spectators following its Canadian Championship game at Stade Desjardin, Laval on 6 June 2018.   Improper conduct includes, but is not limited to, violence towards persons or objects, letting off incendiary devices, throwing missiles, displaying insulting or political slogans in any form, uttering insulting words or sounds, or invading the pitch.
Canada Soccer Disciplinary Committee released its decision today in respect of this charge.  The Canada Soccer Disciplinary Committee determined that the Stade Desjardins was not adequately prepared for this level of competition.  Prior to its next game in the Canadian Championship, AS Blainville and the Quebec Soccer Federation have been ordered to make the necessary provisions to improve the security and safety of the Stade Desjardins subject to approval of Canada Soccer, or find an alternative suitable venue to play the upcoming game.  Failing to meet either of these provisions the game on 20 June 2018 is to be played behind closed doors.  In addition a fine of $2500 was imposed on AS Blainville and the QSF.


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