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Canada Soccer completes National Referee Assessor Clinic

Posted on 24 March 2017 in Referees

Canada Soccer’s National Referee Assessor Clinic was held March 17-19 in Toronto. John Nielsen, Manager of Assessing, CONCACAF led the sessions along with Canada Soccer Manager, Referee Department Isaac Raymond, and special guest Sandra Serafini, PRO Strategic Initiatives Manager.   

National assessors along with select provincial counterparts received instruction on the expectations of assessing professional soccer matches. Education related to the recent changes to the Laws of the Game and modern assessment practices was presented and the assessors were evaluated.   

“We have worked to ensure that all members of the national program have a similar understanding of the goals of our program,” Raymond said. “Each is an important contributor to the success of the program overall.”  

The session bridged recent clinics hosted by Canada Soccer for the National instructors and National list match officials to ensure that a consistent message is delivered for all those who are involved at the top level for match officials in Canada.

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