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Canada Soccer Coach Education Video Evaluation Process

Canada Soccer has introduced a Video Evaluation Process, which will allow coaches to carry out their Practical Evaluation with their own players in their own club/coaching environment.

Coaches seeking Certification at B Licence-National and A Licence level will now be expected to take part in a Residential Workshop, followed by taking part in the Video Evaluation Process within three (3) months of completing the Workshop.

This gives the coach a chance to work through the Workshop without the stress of an impending Evaluation within days and creates an environment more conducive to learning. Coaches also get a chance to put into practice with their own team/players what they have learned during the Workshop, prior to taking any formal evaluation.

In addition, coaches will have a chance to discuss their session with a Canada Soccer Evaluator and be given feedback prior to and following the Evaluation. Guidelines concerning the recording of the video, the number of players, size and layout of the coaching environment, etc., will be provided to the coach in order to help them prepare adequately or the Evaluation, depending on the session that has been assigned to them.

The Process: In order to give coaches an idea of what is involved when going through the Video Evaluation Process there is an outline below:

1. Coach completes the specific Canada Soccer Workshop and has three months in which to complete the Formal Evaluation.

2. After a period of preparation with his/her players the coach notifies the Canada Soccer Technical Department that they ready to be evaluated and would like to go through the Video Evaluation Process.

3. After discussion with the Canada Soccer Contact a time, date and location will be set for the evaluation and the coach will be assigned a Coaching Examination Topic and also issued with a copy of the Video Evaluation Guidelines to ensure that the video produced meets the requirements with regard to the maximum and minimum area of the field captured in the shot at any one time, quality of footage required, as well as the quality of sound required and suggested equipment.

4. Prior to the scheduled Evaluation day a Canada Soccer designated Evaluator will be assigned to the Coach and will arrange to set up a Pre-Brief with the coach over the internet via a suitable conferencing tool.

5. The Evaluator will then contact the coach to carry out the Pre-Brief. This will include going through the coach’s Session Plan, finalizing arrangements and answering any questions the coach may have.

6. The coach carries out the Evaluation and checks the video for picture & sound quality and submits it to the CSA Technical Office via Drop Box (or any other mutually agreeable online video transferring service).

7. Canada Soccer will then confirm receipt/suitability of the Video to the Coach and send it to the Evaluator to complete the Evaluation.

8. Within 30 days the Evaluator will contact the Coach to set up a Debrief.

9. The Evaluator will conduct a Debrief with the Coach via a suitable conferencing tool and discuss the result of the Evaluation and provide feedback. The discussion will finish with the Evaluator running through an Action Plan for the Coach.

10. The Result will be confirmed to the coach and all documentation, such as the Evaluation Form, Action Plan and official letter informing the coach of the outcome of the Evaluation, will be sent to the coach via email.

Please note that if a coach wishes to appeal against an evaluation they should contact Canada Soccer’s Director of Coaching, formally requesting an appeal. The video will then be reviewed by another Evaluator who will recommend that the result of the evaluation be overturned or upheld. As this is a comprehensive process,

Coaches should be aware that they will be required to submit a separate Video Evaluation Fee when they submit the video footage of their assigned Coaching Topic.

A fee of $250.00 by certified cheque or money order should be submitted to Canada Soccer as follows:

Canada Soccer
Technical Office
237 Metcalfe Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K2P 1R2

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