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Canada sends youth development team to Costa Rica

Posted on 10 November 2011 in ↳ Men's EXCEL U-18 to U-20

The Canadian Soccer Association has announced its men’s U-18 development group will hold an 11-day camp in San José, Costa Rica. The national camp, led by coach Robert Gale, will run 16 to 26 November and will feature 20 players born 1995 or later.

The men’s U-18 development group has been established to provide additional international experience for Canada’s youth players in the coming years. The 1995-born players are no longer eligible at the U-17 level, so they must work towards the U-20 international competitions in 2013 (when they are 18) and 2015 (as the CONCACAF and FIFA events are held every two years). The group is also eligible to play in the Olympic U-23 category in 2016 (held every four years).

As part of the camp, the Canadian team (whose players are currently categorized as U-16) will face Costa Rica in a two-match international series. Of note, the Edson Soto-coached Costa Rica U-16 team recently won the Torneo Sub-16 de la UNCAF as Central American champions.

“This is a great opportunity for our 1995-born players to gain valuable experience at the international level against a very talented Costa Rica side,” said Canadian U-18 development coach Rob Gale. “International football competition helps prepare our youth players towards representing our great country at the national “A” level. The staff and players are very much looking forward to this challenging series against Costa Rica.”

This will mark coach Gale’s first turn at the helm of a national youth camp. Earlier this year, Gale served as an assistant coach for Canada at the CONCACAF Men’s Under-17 Championship (silver medal) and FIFA U-17 World Cup.

From those competitions, Gale has already worked with four of the 1995-born players brought into this newly-formed U-18 development group. Luca Gasparotto, Sadi Jalali and Michael Petrasso all represented Canada at this year’s FIFA U-17 World Cup Mexico 2011. The trio, along with Dylan Carreiro, also won silver at the CONCACAF Men’s Under-17 Championship in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Nine other 1995-born players have previous experience in the Canadian youth system. That group all took part in a U-15 international series against USA in October 2010 (Canada and USA split the two-match series). Seven players (including the two youngest who were born in 1996) are taking part in their first national youth camp.

To date, Canada has won two CONCACAF men’s youth championships: the CONCACAF Men’s Under-20 Championship in 1986 and 1996. It has also participated in 13 FIFA youth competitions: eight FIFA U-20 World Cups and five FIFA U-17 World Cups. Of the 34 players that have represented Canada at the national "A" level in 2011, 28 of them previously participated in a national youth camp at one point in their career. From that group of 28 players, 19 of them participated in either a FIFA U-20 World Cup or a FIFA U-17 World Cup.

GK- Marco Carducci | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC
GK- Joseph Kuta | CAN / Erin Mills Eagles U-16
CB- Stephen Almeida | CAN / Toronto FC Academy
CB- Mitchel Bringolf | CAN / Académie Impact Montréal
CB- Jackson Farmer | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC
CB- Luca Gasparotto | SCO / Glasgow Rangers
FB- Quinton Duncan | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC
FB- Christopher Flores | CAN / Toronto FC Academy
FB- Deon Rose | CAN / Toronto FC Academy
M- Adam Bradshaw | CAN / Toronto FC Academy
M- Dylan Carreiro | CAN / Toronto FC Academy
M- Jérémy Gagnon-Laparé | CAN / Académie Impact Montréal
M- Ali Musse | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC
M- Mitch Piraux | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC
M- Michael Wagenknecht | CAN / Toronto FC Academy
M/F- Sebastian Cabrera | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC
M/F- Michael Petrasso | CAN / Toronto FC Academy
F- Yacine Ait-Slimane | CAN / Académie Impact Montréal
F- Sadi Jalali | CAN / Edmonton Juventus U-16
F- Mark Wadid | CAN / Erin Mills Eagles U-16

Name, Birthyear, Hometown, Player's first/active start in soccer
Ait-Slimane, Yacine | 1995 | St-Constant, QC, CAN |
Almeida, Stephen | 1995 | Toronto, ON, CAN |
Bradshaw, Adam | 1995 | Waterloo, ON, CAN | Waterloo Minor SC
Bringolf, Mitchel | 1995 | Kirkland, QC, CAN |
Cabrera, Sebastian | 1995 | Edmonton, AB, CAN | Millwoods SA
Carducci, Marco | 1996 | Calgary, AB, CAN | Macewan, Sandstone and Beddington Community
Carreiro, Dylan | 1995 | Winnipeg, MB, CAN | Clifton Community Club
Duncan, Quinton | 1995 | London, ON, CAN | Southend United
Farmer, Jackson | 1995 | Edmonton, AB, CAN | Newton Knights Community
Flores, Christopher | 1995 | Scarborough, ON, CAN |
Gagnon-Laparé, Jérémy | 1995 | Magog, QC, CAN |
Gasparotto, Luca | 1995 | Ajax, ON, CAN | Ajax SC
Jalali, Sadi | 1995 | Edmonton, AB, CAN | Millwoods SA
Kuta, Joseph | 1995 | Mississauga, ON, CAN |
Musse, Ali | 1996 | Winnipeg, MB, CAN |
Petrasso, Michael | 1995 | Woodbridge, ON, CAN | Kleinburg SC
Piraux, Mitch | 1995 | Calgary, AB, CAN | Properties Sports Association
Rose, Deon | 1995 | Brampton, ON, CAN |
Wadid, Mark | 1995 | Mississauga, ON, CAN | Erin Mills SC
Wagenknecht, Michael | 1995 | Waterloo, ON, CAN | Waterloo Minor SC

Head Coach / Entraîneur-chef : Robert Gale
Assistant Coach / Entraîneur adjoint : Marc Bircham
Assistant Coach / Entraîneur adjoint : Michael Findlay
Goalkeeper Coach / Entraîneur des gardiens : Knut Rovde
Fitness Coach / Préparateur physique : Paolo Pacione
Team Manager / Gérant d'équipe : Les Meszaros
Equipment Manager / Gérant de l’équipement : Davide DeDonato
Doctor / Docteur : Dr. Antonio Cogliano
Athletic Therapist / Thérapeute du sport : Al Ezaki

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