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Canada Captures 5th Place at Nordic Cup

Posted on 31 July 2001 in ↳ Women's EXCEL U-14 to U-23

Ottawa, Ontario - Canadian Women's Under-20 Women's Team today earned fifth place at the Under-21 Open Nordic Tournament in Norway after defeating Iceland 6-2. The United States won the tournament by overpowering Sweden 6-1.

Christine Sinclair scored another two goals for Canada giving her a total of five goals for the tournament and placing her in a two-way tie with Conny Pohlers of Germany for top goal scorer. Also earning honours for Team Canada was Kim Warner who scored a total of three goals in the tournament and placing her in a four-way tie for third place in the top goal scorer category.

Sinclair opened the scoring for Canada in the 28th minute and then doubled the score to 2-0 in the 31st minute. Adding another for Canada one minute later was Candace Chapman of Ontario. Elfa B. Erlingsdottir of Iceland scored in the 38th minute to end the first half at 3-1 for Canada.

In the 53rd and 78th minute, Warner added two goals for Canada and Chapman added her second goal of the game in the 70th minute. Eyrun Oddsdottir scored Iceland's second goal in the 75th minute.

Under-21 Open Nordic Tournament Standings:
1. USA
2. Sweden
3. Finland
4. Germany
5. Canada
6. Iceland
7. Denmark
8. Norway

July 31, 2001 – Under-21 Open Nordic Tournament
Fauchald Stadium – Kapp, Norway
Canada \t6 (3)
Iceland \t2 (1)
Goals: Canada – Christine Sinclair (28, 31), Candace Chapman (32, 70), Kim Warner (53, 78), Iceland - Elfa B. Erlingsdottir (38), Eyrun Oddsdottir (75)
Cautions: none
Canada: 18.Erin McLeod (GK), 3.Breanna Boyd, 5.Randee Hermus, 6.Katherine Warmen (12. Kim Warner from 46 min), 7.Kristina Kiss, 8.Candace Chapman (4. Leah Robinson, 79), 9.Janine Willis, 10.Carey Gustafson (15. Clare Rustad, 85), 11.Christine Sinclair, 13.Amy Vermeulen (2. Melanie Booth, 55), 14.Sara Maglio.
Iceland: 1.Thora Helgadottir, 2.Erna B. Sigurdardottir, 3.Eyrun Oddsdottir, 4.Eva S. Gudbjornsdottir, 7.Elfa B. Erlingsdottir (8. Gudny Thordardottir, 63 min), 9.Erla Hendriksdottir, 10.Hrefna H. Johannesdottir (5. Embla Gretasdottir, 73), 11.Katrin Jonsdottir, 13.Laufey Johannsdottir, 14.Elin A. Steinardottir (15.Silja Thordardottir, 7), 16.Asta Arnadottir.

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