British Columbia wins both U-17 Cup titles on Teck Finals Day

Coastal FC and Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC earned U-17 Cup Gold Medal Final victories in the Boys and Girls U-17 Cup on Teck Finals day at the 2018 Canada Soccer Toyota National Championships in Surrey, BC. Quebec’s CS Saint-Laurent fell 2:1 to BC in the Boys Final. Lakeshore SC took home the Silver Medal in the Girls Final.


Latifah Abdu earned Girls U-17 Cup Golden Boot honours with twelve goals in five games.

Suburban FC’s Liam Kelly, who scored seven goals in five games took the Boys U-17 Cup Golden Boot home to Nova Scotia.



Boys U-17 Cup – Surrey, BC


1.     Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC (BC)

2.     CS Saint-Laurent (QC)

3.     Vaughan SC (BC)

4.     Surrey United SC (AB)

5.     Calgary Foothills FC (NL)

6.     Feildians AA St. John's (MB)

7.     Winnipeg Bonivital SC (SK)

8.     Saskatoon Selects 9 (NS)

9.     Suburban FC (PE)

10.  PEI FC (NB)

11.  Moncton Codiac SC (NB)

12.  Yellowknife Bay SC (NT)


Girls U-17 Cup – Surrey, BC


1.     Coastal FC (BC)

2.     Lakeshore SC (QC)

3.     Burlington Bayhawks (ON)

4.     Suburban FC (NS)

5.     Sherwood Park Phoenix (AB)

6.     Winnipeg FC Northwest (MB)

7.     St. John's SC (NL)

8.     PEI FC (PE)

9.     Surrey United SC (BC)

10.  FC Regina (SK)

11.  Fredericton District SA (NB)

12.  Yellowknife Bay SC (NT)


Boys U-17 Cup 
 Surrey, BC

Gold Medal Match – Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC (BC) 2:1 (QC) CS Saint-Laurent


Cameron Poynton and Tye Engmann scored for Coquitlam Metro-Ford. Kabamba Ngombo scored for Quebec.


Silver Medal Match – Vaughan SC (ON) 2:0 (BC) Surrey United SC


Giancarlo Galluzzo and Kadiebue Kadiebue scored for Ontario.


5/6 Placing Match – Calgary Foothills FC (AB) 4:1 (NL) Feildians AA St. John's


Aribim Pepple scored three and Kundai Dziwa scored for Alberta. Ben Moret-Rideout scored for Newfoundland & Labrador.


7/8 Placing Match – Winnipeg Bonivital SC (MB) 2:0 (SK) Saskatoon Selects


Nathan Udoh and Ilyich Gharahmadani scored for Manitoba.


Seeding Round Match 1 – PEI FC (PE) 4:2 (NB) Moncton Codiac SC


Roan Saengmeng scored two and Elias Bitar and Kyle Connell scored for Prince Edward Island. Hayden Porter had two own goals.


Seeding Round Match 2 – Suburban FC (NS) 5:1 (NT) Yellowknife Bay SC


Liam Kelly, Noath Lahey, Cameron Bullerwell, and Luke Green scored for Nova Scotia.  Austin Sleno scored for Northwest Territories.


Girls U-17 Cup – Surrey, BC


Gold Medal Match –  Lakeshore SC (QC) 1:2 (BC) Coastal FC


Danielle Mosher and Breanne Gallagher scored for British Columbia Wayny-Natasha Balata Nguenign scored for Quebec.


Silver Medal Match – Suburban FC (NS) 0:3 (ON) Burlington Bayhawks


Aislinn Boyle scored all three goals for Ontario.


5/6 Placing Match – Winnipeg FC Northwest (MB) 2:3 (AB) Sherwood Park Phoenix


Terra Achtymichuk, Sarah De Gannes, and Kaitlin Willisko scored for Sherwood Park Phoenix who finish in fifth place. Tessa Carlin and Hailey Slobodian scored for Manitoba.


7/8 Placing Match – PEI FC (PE) 2:2 (4:5) (NL) St. John's SC


Abigail Evans and Sarah Lewis scored for Newfoundland & Labrador. Emily Cormier and Caitlyn Mccloskey scored for Prince Edward Island. St. John’s SC earn seventh place on penalty kicks.


Seeding Round Match 1 – FC Regina (SK) 6:3 (NB) Fredericton District SA


Olivia Gables scored three, Abby Patterson had two, and Lexys Frei scored for Saskatchewan. Amanda Mcnally, Emma Langille, and Erin Cunningham scored for New Brunswick.


Seeding Round Match 2 – Surrey United SC (BC) 9:0 (NT) Yellowknife Bay SC


Jenieva Musico, Jacqueline Tyrer, Grace Wilkinson, Byrana Buttar, Kate Mitchell, Alicia Macinnes, and Kareena Sahota for Surrey Untied.  Alexandria Hillier and Wren Acorn scored own goals.