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AEK London FC wins 2012 Ontario Cup men's final

Posted on 16 September 2012 in ↳ Challenge Trophy

AEK London has won its third Ontario Cup men's championship in five years, once again qualifying for the Canadian Soccer Association National Championships senior men's Challenge Trophy competition. AEK London FC won the provincial title after a 6-5 victory on kicks from the penalty mark over PCC Mississauga. The victory followed a 0:0 draw (without extra time) in the 16 September championship match in Vaughan, ON. Goalkeeper Paul Azevedo was named London's player of the match.

AEK London FC will participate in the Challenge Trophy competition from 3-8 October 2012. This year's competition takes place in Winnipeg, MB. As they did in 2008, AEK London qualifies alongside champions from the same city on the women's side: North London Galaxy (who won the Ontario Cup on 9 September). 

To reach the 2012 Ontario Cup final, AEK London FC won 5:1 over GS Scarborough United FC in the provincial semi-final on 26 August. Then in the final against PCC Mississauga on 9 September, six players scored for AEK London in the post-match kicks from the penalty mark: Jovan Ivanovic, Haris Cekic, Michael Jonka, Geert Remjin, Brandon Mendez, and Aaron Schneebeli.

In the provincial final, AEK London FC's lineup featured Paul Azevedo, Jovan Ivanovic, Trevor Medeiros, Michael Pereira, Ryan Pereira, Haris Cekic, Ahmed Birani, Todd Rutledge, Matt Catalano, Aaron Schneebeli, Ree San, Michael Jonka, Geert Remjin, Brian Bettencourt, Brandon Mendez, Matt Tymoczkco, Alan McGreal and Mark Haynes. Team staff featured John Dreliozis, Martin Painter, Tom Kouzonas and John Alcatrao.

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