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Dr. Fred Stambrook

Canada Soccer Hall of Fame

Date of birth: 1929-11-16
Birthplace: Vienna, AUT
Date of death: 2005-07-15
School(s): Oxford University, University of London
All Positions: Canada Soccer Past President
Canada Soccer Life Member (†)
Hall of Fame honoured member
Team Honours: Challenge Trophy winner
Profile Text Last Updated 2017-05-12
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Dr. Frederick George Stambrook... he was nine years old when he came to England as a refugee... earned a B.A. Honours degree from Oxford University in 1950... earned a PhD from the University of London in 1960... he was 39 years old when he moved to Canada after various academic postings including U.K., Australia and Canada... member of the history department at the University of Manitoba... was Dean of Faculty Arts and Vice-President Academic at the University of Manitoba... he was 75 years old when he passed away in Winnipeg, MB on 15 July 2005...

For Club

won the 1962 Challenge Trophy with Winnipeg Scottish after a 6:0 win over Edmonton Edelweiss at the Canadian national championship at Alexander Park in Winnipeg, MB...

For Sport

a youth referee in Manitoba... president of the Canadian Youth Soccer Association (1975-1979)... served as president of the Manitoba Soccer Association (1980-83)... served as a vice president of the Canadian Soccer Association (1983-86)... served as the 28th president of the Canadian Soccer Association (1986-91)... helped launch Canada’s women’s national program in 1986 (with the first-ever camp in Winnipeg, MB)... served as Past President of the Canadian Soccer Association (1992-98)... served as head of delegation with Canada’s national teams, including the FIFA U-20 World Cup (USSR 1985 and Malaysia 1997)...

Year Prize Honour
2006 Honoured Builder / Bâtisseur honoré Canada Soccer Hall of Fame
2003 Honoured Member (Builder - Soccer) Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame
2002 Life Member Manitoba Soccer Life Member
1999 Life Member / membre à vie (†) Canada Soccer Life Member
1993 Recipient / Récipiendaire Aubrey Sanford Meritorious Award

Men's Soccer

End Date Team Coach National Team Project Role
2002-04-13 canm17 Stephen Hart [2002-04] Men’s U-17 campMen’s U-17 camp in El Salvador and Guatemala Head of Delegation
1997-11-17 CAN MNT Bob Lenarduzzi [1997-11] FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers Head of Delegation
1997-06-27 canm20 Bruce Twamley [1997-06] FIFA U-20 World Cup Malaysia 1997 Head of Delegation
1991-07-08 canm20 Frank Donlavey [1991-07] Gillette Cup Head of Delegation
1991-04-18 canm23 Tony Waiters [1991-04] Men’s U-23 Tour to the Orient Head of Delegation
1985-08-30 canm20 Bob Bearpark [1985-08] FIFA U-20 World Cup USSR 1985 Canada Soccer President
1985-05-06 canm20 Tony Taylor [1985-04] Joao Havelange Tournament Head of Delegation


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