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Alan Southard

Canada Soccer Hall of Fame

Date of birth: 1928-07-12
Age 89
Birthplace: Bristol, ENG
Raised: Bristol, ENG
All Positions: Canada Soccer Life Member
Hall of Fame honoured member
Canada Soccer Past Board Member
Profile Text Last Updated 2017-05-29
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Alan W. Southard... he was 28 years old when he arrived in Canada in 1957 (via New York)... 

For Sport

served as the first president of the Canadian Youth Soccer Association (1 June 1969)... served as a member of the Executive Committee of the Canadian Soccer Association... 

Year Prize Honour
?year Life Member Ontario Soccer Life Member.
2003 Honoured Builder / Bâtisseur honoré Canada Soccer Hall of Fame
1988 Life Member / membre à vie Canada Soccer Life Member


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