London Marconi (ON) 2-1 Edmonton Scottish (AB); Estrella de Chile (BC) 2-1 Edmonton Green & Gold (AB2); Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) 1-2 Saskatchewan HUSA Alumni FC (SK); Fredericton Picaroons (NB) 0-1 Rapides Chaudière-Ouest (QC); PEI FC (PE) 6-2 Nova Scotia (NS); Winnipeg Juventus (MB) 3-0… More

Nova Scotia (NS) 2-4 Winnipeg Bisons FC (MB); CBS Kirby United SC (NL) 2-4 North Shore Girls SC Renegades (BC); Hollandia Impact (SK) 1-3 Scarborough GS United (ON); Edmonton Victoria (AB) 2-1 Royal Sélect Beauport (QC) More

Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) 4-2 Fredericton Picaroons (NB); London Marconi (ON) 2-0 Estrella de Chile (BC); Nova Scotia (NS) 1-2 Winnipeg Juventus (MB); Rapides Chaudière-Ouest (QC) 0-3 Saskatchewan HUSA Alumni FC (SK); Edmonton Green & Gold (AB2) 2-1 Edmonton Scottish (AB); PEI FC (PE) 5-0… More

Scarborough GS United (ON) 5-0 Winnipeg Bisons FC (MB); North Shore Girls SC Renegades (BC) 0-2 Royal Sélect Beauport (QC); Halifax Dunbrack (NS) 1-0 Hollandia Impact (SK); Edmonton Victoria (AB) 2-1 CBS Kirby United SC (NL) More

London Marconi (ON) 2-0 Newfoundland and Labrador (NL); Edmonton Green and Gold (AB2) 4-0 Rapides Chaudière-Ouest (QC); Edmonton Scottish (AB) 1(3)-1(2) HUSA Alumni FC (SK); Estrella de Chile (BC) 2-1 Fredericton Picaroons (NB) More

Challenge Trophy and Jubilee Trophy

Calgary, AB

Stream - Challenge & Jubilee Trophies

Canadian Soccer Association National Championships

The Canadian Soccer Association Sport Chek National Club Championships runs from 7-12 October. Through 8 competitions in four venues, the National Championships will welcome more than 2,700 players, staff and officials in October. The National Championships are Canada's premier amateur competitions, from the   senior level Challenge Trophy and Jubilee Trophy competitions down to the U-14 youth levels